MWNS is back on the 29th of January for 2019
Qualified teachers located in
Sydney ready to tutor your child.

Our Learning Centres

Maths Words not Squiggles has four centres located across Sydney:
Brookvale, Caringbah, Rosebery and Waverley.
All our centres provide an engaging learning environment where our students are able to learn, focus on the task at hand, and have the freedom to ask questions. We focus on understanding a student’s thought process to ensure they understand concepts completely, as well as encourage our students to question theories and proofs rather than just accepting them.
Our learning spaces are individual rooms which ensure our students remain focused throughout their lesson. As an additional benefit, all our centres offer a library area for students to use before and after their lessons.
We value the safety of all our students and therefore all our centres are constantly monitored via our security cameras, giving parents, teachers and students the confidence to learn in a safe environment.


Our Principal & Founder

From the Principal and Founder

“Teaching is something I truly enjoy. Seeing the expression on my student’s face once they have understood a new concept is rewarding and motivating for us both. My philosophy across each of my centres is to work at a pace that suits each individual student. We all know how unique each one of us is, so how can we expect to use one method of teaching across all students uniformly? Logically, it just doesn’t stack up. My goal through MWNS, is for each student to receive the best possible education. With the help of my teachers, we all aim to assist and encourage our students to achieve their personal best, and then work together to see if there is just a little bit more. We welcome all students from different levels and abilities, from Kindergarten through to Year 12 Extension, in both Mathematics and English, and we tailor each one of our lessons to suit them. MWNS is here to support your child’s education so we can’t wait to begin this journey together. Be part of our story and let us be part of your child’s education”.


Our History

Our Principal and Founder, Sia Goutzas, established Maths not Squiggles in January 2003 and Words not Squiggles in June 2009. In 2017, Sia decided to simplify our name to Maths Words not Squiggles (MWNS) to make it easier for everyone. Sia has a Bachelor of Education with a Double Major in Mathematics, which was completed at The University of Sydney in 1997. Sia has been tutoring since 1994 and has taught at various schools in the eastern suburbs. Sia’s passion for teaching, together with her dedication for her students, sets the standards we have at Maths Words not Squiggles. Our ethos in teaching at MWNS is to help our students achieve their personal best and work towards where they need to be both within and outside the classroom. It is important to us at MWNS that we focus on the individual needs of each student. This is exemplified by our commitment to individually tailor each lesson to the different abilities and learning styles of each of our students. We achieve this by offering Micro Group lessons, with a maximum of 3 students, and Individual lessons in both Maths and English from Kindergarten to Year 12.

MWNS teaches in accordance with schools and the Australian curriculum. This allows our teachers to identify students strengths and work towards improving areas of weakness.