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Since 2003, MWNS has been helping students achieve their personal best by teaching personalised, enjoyable and productive lessons both face to face and online.


Our Maths and English tutors focus on building confident learners inside and outside our classrooms.

Meet our Founder & Principal, Sia Goutzas

“Teaching is something I truly enjoy. Seeing the expression on my student’s face once they have understood a new concept is rewarding and motivating for us both”.

Beginning her teaching journey in a school classroom, Sia quickly realised that all students learn differently and at different paces. For this reason, she created MWNS in 2003 with the hope of providing students with personalised lessons to suit their learning style and pace.


Sia has been able to combine her knowledge of the school classroom, her Bachelor of Education Degree and her passion for helping students gain confidence in themselves and their learning, to create a safe space for students to ask questions, make mistakes, discover, laugh and achieve their personal best.


“My goal across all our centres is to work with my team of dedicated teachers to create engaging lessons that your child looks forward to attending and leaves wanting to tell you all about. I want our students to see the MWNS classroom as a safe and inviting space to ask questions and have those ‘light-bulb’ moments they need to gain confidence and succeed both inside and outside our classrooms”.

MWNS Teacher Goutzas

Celebrating 20 Years of Teaching

Our team at MWNS consists of qualified teachers and experienced tutors who are passionate about your child’s education.

They have been specifically selected for their love of their subject, their ability to effectively communicate and explain concepts and more importantly, for their desire to empower the next generation.

Sia continues to carefully select, train, mentor and evaluate all her teachers to ensure that our classrooms remain a safe space for learning, making mistakes, having light-bulb moments and of course, loving to learn!

All our teachers have their Working With Children Check.

Our Teaching Ethos

Our teaching ethos at MWNS is to help our students achieve their personal best so they can succeed both inside and outside our classrooms. We achieve this goal through focusing on the individual needs of each student and tailoring our lessons to suit the learning style and pace of each child. We focus and build upon a student’s current knowledge and understanding to ensure they get the most out of their Maths & English lessons. 

School Alignment

Our lessons incorporate what your child is learning at school to ensure they are understanding their schoolwork, able to complete their homework and gain the confidence to ask questions and engage in class.

Mastery Based Learning

Our tutors identify the current level and ability of your child before building upon their existing knowledge. This ensures that each concept is mastered before progressing to the next.

Application-Based Learning

Teaching beyond memorisation allows us to focus on deeper understanding of concepts, which directly benefits our students as they apply their learning both inside and outside our classrooms.

Our Tutoring Centres

Our Tutoring Centres are equipped with an extensive range of teaching resources that allows us to create personalised and enjoyable lessons in a welcoming and comfortable environment.

See Our Tutoring Centres:


Meet our Centre Coordinators

Each one of our centres has an approachable and helpful Centre Coordinator who will be expecting your child on their very first day.
Our Centre Coordinators will be your first point of contact and able to answer any questions you may have while at MWNS.

Check Lesson Availability At MWNS — The Best Tutoring In Sydney

Since 2003, MWNS has been helping build confident learners by teaching personalised, enjoyable and productive Maths & English lessons both face-to-face and online.


We focus on helping our students achieve their personal best inside and outside our classrooms. Find out how our Maths & English high school tutors can help your child achieve to the best of their ability.


Our lesson slots fill up quickly. Check availability on our website or contact us directly to secure your place in our programs and start your child’s journey with MWNS towards confidence, enjoying school and academic success.

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