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Carefully selected by our Principal, Sia Goutzas, our team consists of qualified teachers and experienced tutors who are passionate about your child’s education.

Primary School

Ms Lauren is currently undertaking a Masters in Primary Teaching as she loves working with kids! Through her teaching degree, Ms Lauren has experienced working in different grades in a variety of schools with outstanding feedback from her supervising teachers. 

Ms Lauren believes in being a facilitator of learning over the drill and practice style of teaching most of us remember from school. She enjoys those eureka moments in class when kids start to feel confident in themselves and their understanding.

Ms Rachel has a Bachelor of Education (Primary) and has worked in education for many years, including at schools in the Northern Beaches. Ms Rachel always wanted to work with children because she finds teaching such a rewarding profession. 

Her teaching approach is a constructivist one in which lessons centre around students, their learning needs and goals, and is tailored to suit the student’s own learning style

Ms Kylie decided to take up teaching last year as she noticed a lot of children falling behind in their school work because of the lockdowns and homeschooling. This inspired her to begin studying her Masters of Teaching (Primary). 

Ms Kylie has channeled her passion for making a difference by tailoring each of her lessons to the specific needs of her students. By creating a personalised classroom experience, she can ensure they gain the most from each lesson.

Ms Gemma is currently studying a Bachelor of Primary Education and her passion for teaching can be summarised by her volunteer gap year where she was able to teach English to children in rural Cambodia. 

So far Ms Gemma has completed two teaching placements at local schools and strives to encourage students to develop their growth mindset, so they may learn to believe in their ability and achieve their goals.

Ms Saeideh is currently completing her Bachelor of Education in Primary and already has years of experience teaching as an educator in multiple schools both in Australia and overseas. 

Ms Saeideh believes that every child can learn if they receive instructions in a way that suits her/his learning. She also focuses on placing her students at the centre of her teaching, tailoring her approach to suit the learning needs of each individual child.

High School

Beginning her teaching journey in a school classroom, Ms Sia quickly realised that all students learn differently and at different paces. For this reason, she created MWNS in 2003 with the hopes of providing students with personalised lessons to suit their learning style and pace. 

Ms Sia has been able to combine her knowledge of the school classroom, her Bachelor of Education Degree and her passion for helping students gain confidence in themselves and their learning to create a safe space for students to ask questions, make mistakes, discover, laugh and achieve their personal best.

Mr Ehab began his teaching career in NSW over 20 years and has always loved working with people and numbers. In 2018 he joined the MWNS Team and has enjoyed working in a number of our centres.

His students enjoy his lessons as Mr Ehab is engaging, enthusiastic and believes that an enjoyable and relatable lesson is the key to students developing a love of learning and Maths.

Ms Rachael is currently studying a Master of Education (Secondary) and believes the role of a teacher is to inspire and help students succeed beyond what they ever thought possible.

Ms Rachael believes this philosophy can be readily applied to teaching and is eager to use her unique experiences and skills to help the students at MWNS grow in confidence and competence in the subject of mathematics.

Ms Ghada has a Master of Secondary Education (Mathematics and Science) and a Bachelor of Medical Science. She has applied her learning in both a school classroom and tutoring. 

Ms Ghada has a true passion for working with young learners and helping each student progress in all areas of their development including their academic, social, language, and motor skills. This is a challenge that Ms Ghada is honoured to accept daily and enjoys creating engaging lessons for all her students.

Mr Stephen has been with MWNS since 2016 and has over 30 years of teaching experience, including both classroom teaching and tutoring. His vast knowledge combined with his experience has helped many of our students achieve personal goals and incredible results. 

Mr Stephen has years of experience marking the HSC and knows what is required to write a Band 6 response. He remains up to date with the latest HSC texts to ensure his students are well prepared for their exams.

Ms Paige has a Bachelor of Arts (Literature and Composition) and has been tutoring since 2018, making her very familiar with all the texts on the NSW syllabus, including those at HSC levels.  

She is a passionate supporter of harnessing students’ interests in subjects and hobbies as a gateway to addressing their academic needs in English. Ms Paige treasures being part of the student’s learning journey, doing her utmost to cater to students’ learning styles as well as any gaps in their knowledge or skills.

Ms Kaitlyn is currently studying a Bachelor of Education (Mathematics) and strongly believes in providing a safe and supportive learning environment where students can be autonomous and build their self-confidence. 

She particularly focuses on building upon students’ prior knowledge, using methodical approaches to learning that are tailored to the individual learning style of each student.

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