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Your local Primary and High School Maths & English Tutors. 

Our Tutoring Centres are equipped with an extensive range of teaching resources that allows us to create personalised and enjoyable lessons in a welcoming and comfortable environment.

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Since 2003, MWNS has been helping build confident learners by teaching personalised, enjoyable and productive lessons both face to face and online. We focus on helping students achieve their personal best both inside and outside our classrooms.

We specialise in teaching Maths and English from Kindergarten to Year 12. Our teachers focus on the concepts taught at school to provide your children with the skills and confidence they need to succeed.


Our Teaching Style

Mastery Based Learning

Our teachers identify the current level and ability of their students to build upon their existing knowledge. This ensures that each concept is mastered before progressing to the next.

Passion & Experience

Carefully selected by our Principal, Sia Goutzas, our team consists of qualified teachers and experienced tutors who are passionate about your child’s education.

We focus on HOW and WHY

We teach our students HOW to learn and WHY they are learning while teaching WHAT they need to know.

Application-Based Learning

Teaching beyond memorisation helps our students gain a deeper understanding of concepts, allowing them to apply their learning both inside and outside our classrooms.

Meet our Sutherland Shire Coordinator

Margherita enjoys working with her teachers to find resources and brainstorm engaging lessons for their students. She is known for being the friendly face that all Caringbah students, parents and teachers love talking to each day. 

Margherita understands that each student is different, so she takes the time to work with her teachers to tailor their lessons to achieve student goals whilst embodying the MWNS values. She loves seeing her students leave their lessons with a smile or come in excited with an achievement award from school.

Margherita D
“The most rewarding experience is when parents tell me how much their children enjoy their lessons and the improvement in their school reports.”
MWNS SUtherland Shire Tutoring Centre
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Meet our Sutherland Shire Teachers

Building confident learners

inside & outside our classrooms

Identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses in both Maths & English for FREE.

Personalised & Engaging

All our lessons are tailored to the individual needs of your child. By working at a pace that suits and benefits them, we are able to maximise their learning in an enjoyable environment. 

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Our Maths and English Assessments identify areas of strength and areas that need building. We provide parents with a detailed report that helps them decide if their child needs tutoring.

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