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Real-Time Academic Progress

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Teach & Evaluate

We have the resources in our centres to answer our students’ questions and the tools to keep them accountable.

Teaching the right topics is just as important as evaluating where we can help our students achieve their personal best.
All our lessons are based on the Australian Curriculum set out by NESA and this is the first step to help us analyse where your child should academically be at.
After every lesson, our teachers will write up a detailed evaluation to capture what your child has learnt, what they need to revise and what they need to work towards.



Our lesson structure ensures students are getting the help they need in areas where they need it.

It is important to us that you know how your child is progressing with us at MWNS.
Along with student evaluations we also provide a summary which will show you how your child went during the term.
In this summary, you will be able to see what syllabus outcomes your child has fulfilled and other comments on what they need to improve on


Analysing Data

Our teachers work with each student to identify what they need to enjoy learning and grow in confidence.

The Academic Progress helps us analyse real-time data from our teachers every time a lesson is completed.
This data is particularly important as we use this to create personalised lessons for every student who is experiencing difficulty with specific topic areas.
Analysing data ensures us that we are providing the best possible outcome for each lesson and so that we keep track of all our students’ improvements from one lesson to another.


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