How MWNS has Taken Tutoring to the Next Level

How MWNS has Taken Tutoring to the Next Level

Understandably, most parents aren’t education experts, however, sometimes it feels like they are expected to be. Feeling reassured that your child is on track with their learning and thriving at school can sometimes feel like a guessing game. With bi-annual report cards and the occasional parent-teacher meeting, parents are being given limited information about their child’s progress (and let’s be honest, waiting 6 months to know that your child is behind is not a great system).

Having noticed this, MWNS created a Parent Portal designed to provide parents with updates on their child’s progress after every lesson – that means a weekly update! Each of our teachers writes a detailed evaluation and tracks your child’s progress against the Australian Curriculum to keep you up-to-date with their child’s progress.

What are MWNS Evaluations?

Evaluations are an overview of what your child has done during the lesson. This includes:

  • content taught and your child’s understanding of this content
  • concepts grasped and where there is room for improvement
  • goals at tuition and a learning plan intended to achieve these goals
  • your child’s behaviour and engagement during the lesson
  • allocated homework
  • and more!

Here is an example of an evaluation:

“Lily brought in her completed history assignment and we spent today’s lesson reviewing it ahead of its due date next week. I provided her with detailed feedback on her draft and overall I was impressed with her effort. In particular, I focused on improving her thesis statement, adding more relevant links, and crafting clear topic sentences throughout the essay. Although Lily had included good evidence to support her arguments, her structure needed some improvement, and I encouraged her to expand on certain points to strengthen her essay further. To help Lily apply this feedback, I assigned her the task of completing the necessary edits to her essay based on my suggestions for homework, so that it will be ready for submission. By focusing on these areas, I believe that Lily will be able to elevate her work to the next level and achieve better results for her assignment. An awesome effort from Lily today!”

What is the MWNS Curriculum Tracker?

We created the Curriculum Tracker to be an easy to use visual aid for parents to help them understand their child’s ability and progress against the Australian Curriculum. 

Image of MWNS curriculum tracker which is partially completed for a primary school student.

Dark Green = all Australian Curriculum Outcomes for that year level have been achieved/mastered.

Light Green = some of the Australian Curriculum Outcomes for that year level have been achieved/mastered but there are still a few the student is working on.

White = no Australian Curriculum Outcomes have been achieved/the student has not been assessed on those outcomes in tutoring.

Grey = there are no Australian Curriculum Outcomes for that year level. For example, there are no specific Addition and Subtraction Outcomes in high school.

Decoding the tracker as a parent

  • If the parent of a year 4 student was reviewing this tracker, they can quickly see that their child is performing well above year level and striving to achieve year 5/6 outcomes. This means they are being challenged and excelled at tutoring meaning they will not get bored with learning.
  • If the parent of a year 5 student was reviewing this tracker, it can be seen that the child is progressing well and achieving appropriate outcomes for their year.
  • If the parent of a year 6 student was reviewing this tracker, they may notice that there are a few gaps in their child’s knowledge and they are performing slightly below their expected level. A parent will see this increase over time and their child’s tutor would be working to bring their child up to a year 6 level before the end of the year.

Additionally, if a parent is interested in the specific outcomes relevant to their child’s lesson, they can review which outcomes have been achieved next to the submitted evaluation.

Why parents appreciate them 

By providing parents with detailed summaries of their child’s progress on a weekly basis, they are able to stay on top of their child’s learning and make well informed decisions in a timely manner. These decisions may include encouraging their child to read to improve their English skills or even seeking additional support in the form of a speech pathologist or occupational therapist. Engaging a therapist or encouraging a reading routine early can have a substantial impact on a child’s learning and confidence.

Parents also enjoy the ease of logging into the Parent Portal at home, in bed or on the couch, to review their child’s progress. This reduces the pressure of coming into the centre before or after your child’s lesson to speak with their tutor.

Additionally, having the feedback from our tutors can allow parents to engage in more informed conversations with their child’s school teacher. Whether it be a learning style the tutor has identified, a gap in their understanding or even a suggestion for additional support or material from school, the Portal provides parents with the additional knowledge they are not expected to discover alone.

A total game changer 

Evaluations and the Curriculum Tracker provide parents with a personal window into their child’s learning. Some of the best parts of this access includes:

  • Staying up to date with their child’s progress on a weekly basis
  • Seeking assistance from additional experts (if needed) such as therapists
  • Providing school teachers with additional information to support their child’s learning
  • Understanding their child’s strength and weakness and focusing on these at home 
  • Checking what homework has been allocated and if it is being completed regularly
  • Reducing the time parents need to spend travelling to a centre to communicate with tutors

Does every tutoring centre offer Evaluations & a Curriculum Tracker?

The short answer is: no.

Your child’s Evaluations and Curriculum Tracker are available on our Parent Portal which has been designed and created by us for our MWNS Parents. This Portal has revolutionised the way parents keep up to date with their child’s learning. 

Some tutors will speak to parents after class or maybe once per term, they may even send a report every so often. However, the combination of our detailed evaluations combined with our documentation of your child’s progress against the Australian Curriculum means that all lessons are personalised, targeted and beneficial to your child’s learning.

A life saver for busy parents

At MWNS, all teachers speak to parents after every lesson to update them on their child’s progress. However, we understand that sometimes student’s make their own way to and from the centre, a meeting runs over or parking is a nightmare, and making into the centre for pick up is not possible every week or at all. Therefore, these progress reports being available online saves parents from needing to travel to the centre each week. The Portal also allows parents to review their child’s progress over time and refer back to important notes and observations made.

We take pride in providing these updates 

Transparency is key, and parents should always have the right to be highly involved in their child’s learning. Sometimes, parents may feel that school or other tutoring centres are not telling them all the information they wish to access about their child’s education. They may wonder where their child’s strengths and weaknesses are, why they are better at some areas but need improvement in others or perhaps just some guidance on the best way to address gaps in their child’s knowledge. These questions, plus more, are common questions parents ask on a regular basis while having little indication on who best to ask for the answers. 

At MWNS, we answer all of these questions. We believe that parents should be made constantly aware of how they child is working, learning and progressing. We also want parents to be made aware of improvements and milestones in their child’s education so they can celebrate progress, congratulate them after a great lesson or work alongside them to facilitate improvement! 

Have you logged into the MWNS Parent Portal yet?

Feel free to read more about our Parent Portal or log in to discover these features for yourself:

Other features of the Portal include, rescheduling lessons, enrolling into Holiday Courses, paying for invoices, contacting our Admin team and more!

The MWNS Parent Portal. For parents wanting to be more involved in their child’s education.

More about Maths Words not Squiggles

At MWNS, we offer primary school tutoring and high school tutoring in Maths and English to ensure students understand their schoolwork, meeting the requirements set out by NESA and achieving grades they are proud of. All our Maths and English tutors tailor their lessons to the individual needs of our students. By working at a pace that suits and benefits each child, we are able to maximise their learning in an enjoyable environment.

Our Maths and English tutoring is available in centre (Central Coast Tutoring, Eastern Suburbs Tutoring, Inner West Tutoring, Northern Beaches Tutoring, South Sydney Tutoring, Sutherland Shire Tutoring) and online. Whether you are looking for a Maths tutor or an English tutor, MWNS is able to help build your child’s confidence.

We are known for our mission of “Building Confident Learners inside and outside our classrooms“. We are experts in educating our students, helping them thrive at school and preparing them for life beyond the classroom. We want to ensure all lessons are related to what they are learning at school while ensuring students see the value in their education. 

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