How Can We Help?

By teaching personalised, enjoyable & productive lessons tailored to your child’s learning needs.

Since 2003, MWNS has been building confident learners both inside and outside our classrooms.

We have been able to achieve this by working with passionate teachers, an extensive range of resources and utilising our MWNS Portal to track our students’ progress week by week.

MWNS Teachers

Trusted by parents from over 1000 Schools

Average 4.9/5 Star Google Reviews

Helping build over 5000 Confident Learners

Maths & English Tutoring

We specialise in teaching Maths and English from Kindergarten to Year 12. All our students are taught individually to complement their work from school.

Personalised & Engaging Lessons

All our lessons are tailored to the individual needs of your child. By working at a pace that suits and benefits them, we are able to maximise their learning in an enjoyable environment.

Our Teachers

Carefully selected by our Principal, Sia Goutzas, our team consists of qualified teachers and experienced tutors who are passionate about your child’s education.

Our Resources

Our extensive range of teaching resources allow us to personalise our lessons to suit your child’s learning style.

Building confident learners

inside & outside our classrooms

Identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses in both Maths & English for FREE.

MWNS Parent Portal

A Personal Window into Your Child’s Learning.

At MWNS, we believe it is important that you remain a part of your child’s education journey. For that reason, we have created the MWNS Parent Portal which provides you with a window into your child’s education.

Our Parent Portal shares your child’s detailed evaluations, which are written after every lesson. These evaluations detail the content learnt, your child’s understanding and performance as well as homework to be completed by the following week. The Parent Portal also tracks your child’s progress against the Australian Curriculum, allowing you to see which areas they are mastering and which outcomes we are still working towards.

How Can We Help?

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Book Your FREE Assessment

Our Maths and English Assessments identify areas of strength and areas that need building. We provide parents with a detailed report that helps them decide if their child needs tutoring.

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