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How we do it

By employing qualified teachers and experienced tutors, we are able to develop individualised lesson plans for each one of our students and track their progress against the Australian Curriculum. Parents are able to see live updates of their child’s academic progress as well as detailed evaluations for every lesson.
This information is accessed through our MWNS Portal and our MWNS App.


Lesson Structure

We offer Individual and Micro Group lessons with a maximum of three students. We work through the course material by helping your child gain a full understanding of each topic before progressing onto the next session. All our students are taught in conjunction with the syllabus outcomes and homework is set at the end of the lesson to help consolidate the material taught to your child.


Maths Words not Squiggles offer two types of Lesson Structures


Micro Group Lessons

Micro Groups consist of a maximum of three students at any one time. Some students work well in groups where they learn from one another with guidance and assistance from their teacher. Students are still taught individually, as we focus on topics they find difficult in school and or in areas in which we can accelerate them.

These lessons are an hour in duration and are available from Monday to Saturday.


Individual Lessons

These lessons are designed for students who need that extra bit of attention or for those who cannot concentrate well in a group and need one-on-one support.
These lessons are an hour in duration and are available from Monday to Saturday.

To ensure the best possible outcomes, Years 11 and 12 English students are tutored only in Individual lessons.


Student Evaluations

Each teacher writes a detailed evaluation for each student after every lesson.
All our teachers ensure they capture the material they have taught, the level of understanding which has been attained by your child, and any additional recommended teaching plans required moving forward.
These evaluations give us a clear idea of how each student has improved and progressed from one lesson to another.
It also allows you to have full visibility of what your child is learning while they are attending MWNS.

Curriculum Summary

Maths Words not Squiggles works alongside the Australian Curriculum set out by NESA to ensure all our students are on track.
Through the Curriculum Summary, our teachers are able to highlight the areas students are doing well in and areas that we need to focus on.
As students progress through the course, you will be able to see exactly where your child has improved.
Parents have real-time access to all this information through our MWNS Portal and MWNS App, allowing you to view updated student evaluations after every lesson as well as a summary report.

Learn more about the Academic Progress

MWNS Portal

The MWNS Portal is our new online platform for parents who are enrolled with us. This platform gives parents the opportunity to manage their enrolment with us anytime, anywhere. In the portal you can:

Review student evaluations and curriculum summary
View upcoming lessons
Reschedule lessons
Pay invoices

Plus more.


Using the MWNS Portal


View our timetable for 2019 and pick the best times that suit you and your family.


Review your child’s progress with real-time data through our Student Evaluations and Curriculum Summaries written and updated by our teachers after each and every lesson.


Staying on top of your child’s tuition is easier than ever.
Reschedule lessons
Message our team
Pay invoices
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