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At MWNS, We Prioritise Beyond Just Excelling in School – It’s About Enjoying the Learning Journey!

Since 2003, MWNS has been cultivating confident young mathematicians, both within and beyond our classrooms. Our committed Maths tutors equip Year 1 students with the fundamental skills necessary for success in maths and school.


This objective is achieved through collaboration with enthusiastic Maths tutors who employ innovative teaching approaches. We tailor learning intentions for each student, utilising our MWNS Portal to track their weekly progress in mathematics.


Whether your child is mastering the foundational concepts of numbers and operations or needs assistance with mathematical problem-solving in primary school, our Maths tutors are thoughtfully chosen not only for their academic achievements but also for their ability to nurture students and guide them towards unlocking their full mathematical potential.

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Building Confident Learners

Friendly & Experienced Tutors

Achieving Academic Goals

Our Teaching Style

Year 1 Maths Tutoring Sydney

At MWNS, our Year 1 Maths tutors take pride in tailoring their approach to meet the distinct needs of every student. Our methodology is vibrant, captivating, and crafted to foster a genuine passion for Maths. In Sydney, our Year 1 Maths tutors adjust their teaching techniques to align with the developmental stages of each learner, creating an atmosphere where curiosity and enthusiasm flourish.

School Alignment

Our Year 1 Maths tutors at MWNS seamlessly align tutoring programs with the primary syllabus from your child's school. Recognising the challenges faced by Maths school teachers managing an entire classroom, we provide essential one-on-one support for your child.

Our dedicated tutors ensure your child comprehensively engages with all stages of the Year 1 Maths curriculum, promoting confidence for classroom participation. They assist with homework, encouraging your child to ask questions and actively participate in class discussions.

Mastery-Based Learning

Students are guided to dedicate time to mastering each concept – ensuring a thorough understanding without any gaps. Our Year 1 Maths tutoring emphasises engagement, steering away from mindless memorisation. We focus on ensuring students fully comprehend Maths fundamentals, fostering creative and reflective skills that extend beyond the classroom.

Beginning with the basics, our Year 1 Maths tutors ensure your child solidly grasps essential concepts pivotal for success throughout school before advancing to the next level.

Passion & Experience

Passion propels our Year 1 Maths tutors, infusing a sincere love for guiding young minds through concepts with confidence and curiosity.

Leveraging years of academic expertise, our tutors cultivate an inspiring learning atmosphere, igniting students' curiosity and making Maths education both enjoyable and enriching. Principal Sia Goutzas thoughtfully selects our team of qualified educators and dedicated Year 1 Maths tutors, all deeply committed to your child's educational journey.

Application-Based Learning

Our Year 1 Maths tutors incorporate hands-on resources and interactive activities during tutoring sessions to boost comprehension and reinforce learning and memory.

Encouraging practical application, your child's Maths tutor goes beyond textbooks, prompting them to apply Maths skills in real-world scenarios. This approach helps students actively engage with mathematical concepts. Our holistic methodology equips students with the necessary tools for academic success and future endeavours.

Our Tutoring Centres

Our Tutoring Centres have access to over 10,000 teaching resources, enabling the creation of personalised and enjoyable Maths tutoring lessons within an inviting and confidence building environment.

Where To Find Our Tutoring Centres:

At MWNS, we acknowledge that juggling your daily routine can be demanding, from work to before or after school pick-up and everything in between. That’s why we ensure our tutoring centres are conveniently accessible across all areas of Sydney, the Central Coast, and online, including:

Yes – we also provide online Year 1 Maths tutoring as a convenient alternative to in-person sessions. Our online Maths tutors deliver the same level of personalised one-on-one attention in virtual classrooms.


Communicating with our Maths Tutors

Communicate with our Maths tutors in person before & after lessons or via our Parent Portal!

Our Maths Tutors

Thoughtfully chosen by our Principal, Sia, our team comprises qualified teachers and experienced Maths tutors who are passionate about your child’s education.

Our Year 1 Maths tutors collaborate closely with both students and their parents to craft engaging and beneficial lessons, tailored to the specific needs and learning goals of each student.

Our Parent Portal

At MWNS, we offer all parents a personal insight into their child’s education and progress through the MWNS Parent Portal.

This portal grants access to detailed evaluations written after each lesson, as well as tracked progress against the Australian Curriculum. It ensures you stay well-informed about your child’s learning journey.

Open Communication

We suggest that parents to communicate pertinent information to our tutors, ensuring that tuition is closely aligned with their child's broader learning goals.

This encompasses sharing school reports, emails from school teachers, past exam results, or learning notes from specialists. These details guide our Year 1 Maths tutors in constructing a tailored learning plan for your child.


We encourage parents to communicate relevant information to our tutors to ensure tuition is directly aligned with their child's broader learning goals.

This includes school reports, emails from school teachers, past exam results or learning notes from specialists to guide our Maths tutors when building your child's learning plan.

Personalised Lessons

Engaging & Enjoyable Classes

Easy-to-Use Portals

Our Teaching Style

School Alignment

Our lessons incorporate what your child is learning at school to ensure they are understanding their schoolwork, able to complete their homework and gain the confidence to ask questions and engage in class.

Mastery Based Learning

Our tutors identify the current level and ability of your child before building upon their existing knowledge. This ensures that each concept is mastered before progressing to the next.

Passion & Experience

Carefully selected by our Principal, Sia Goutzas, our team consists of qualified teachers and experienced Maths & English tutors who are passionate about your child’s education.

Application-Based Learning

Teaching beyond memorisation helps our students gain a deeper understanding of concepts, allowing them to apply their learning both inside and outside our classrooms.

Weekly Maths Tutoring

Lesson Structures

At MWNS, our Year 1 Maths tutoring lessons are crafted and specifically designed for the needs of young learners. These lessons seamlessly combine foundational concepts with interactive activities, creating an engaging and comprehensive learning experience. This approach nurtures critical thinking and communication skills, laying the groundwork for academic and personal growth in Year 1 Maths.

Individual Lessons

For students who may need extra support, preparing for an upcoming exam, or find it challenging to concentrate in group settings, we recommend an Individual Lesson with one of our experienced Year 1 Maths tutors.

These sessions provide an immersive experience where questions are encouraged, ensuring your child actively engages with the content and is well-prepared for classroom participation.

Math Teaching

Micro Groups

In small groups of a maximum of 3 students, our Year 1 Maths tutors provide individualised attention to each student, ensuring they receive one-on-one support.

Within these tailored lessons, your child's Maths tutor will assist with schoolwork and address any gaps in their knowledge. These intimate, focused groups foster peer interaction, establishing a supportive learning community.

Year 1 Maths Tutoring Fees

Kindy – Yr6
Micro Group: $58/hr
Individual: $91/hr

Celebrating 20 Years of Teaching

Our team comprises qualified Maths teachers and experienced Maths tutors who are dedicated to your child’s education.

Principal Sia consistently selects, trains, mentors, and evaluates all teachers to maintain a safe space for learning in our classrooms. Here, making mistakes, experiencing light-bulb moments, and, of course, fostering a love for learning are encouraged!

All our Year 1 Maths tutors hold their Working With Children Check for added peace of mind.

Meet our Maths Tutors

Our Maths Assessments, valued at $89, are crafted to pinpoint your child’s strengths and areas that need improvement. Our Curriculum Coordinator will furnish a detailed report, aiding you in determining if your child has any learning gaps and would benefit from Year 1 Maths tuition.


Maths Tutors Sydney

In Year 1, students typically cover a range of foundational math topics that build the basis for their mathematical understanding. Some of the key Year 1 Maths related topics include:

  • Counting forwards and backwards.
  • Recognising and writing numbers up to 100.
  • Understanding the concepts of more than/less than.
  • Identifying odd and even numbers.
Basic Operations:
  • Addition and subtraction within 20.
  • Solving simple word problems.
  • Understanding the relationship between addition and subtraction.
Place Value:
  • Recognising and understanding tens and ones.
  • Comparing and measuring objects using non-standard units.
  • Understanding concepts of length, height, weight, capacity, and temperature.
  • Recognising and describing basic 2D and 3D shapes.
  • Exploring symmetry and patterns.
Data and Graphs:
  • Collecting and organising data.
  • Creating and interpreting simple graphs.
  • Recognising and understanding the concept of time (days, months, seasons).
  • Reading and setting the time on an analog clock to the hour and half-hour.
  • Identifying and counting coins.
Year 1 Maths focuses on hands-on activities, games, and visual aids to make learning engaging and interactive, laying a solid foundation for further mathematical concepts in the following years.

At MWNS, our extensive team of over 70 teachers enables us to accommodate all levels and abilities.

Some students enrol to catch up, addressing gaps in their learning, while others enrol to maintain or excel, aiming for top performance in their class or external exams.

We provide resources and teachers dedicated to assisting students with learning difficulties and delays, including ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, and ADD.

We understand that life happens! Parents or students can reschedule lessons until the day before the scheduled session. We request a 24-hour notice or a doctor’s certificate for rescheduling. You can reschedule the lesson to anytime during the current school term.
At MWNS, although Year 1 Maths assessments are available, we believe that grasping a student’s motivation for tutoring, combined with insights from school reports and exam results, provides a more holistic understanding than evaluating performance on a single day.
Our Year 1 Maths tutors at MWNS tailor their lessons by evaluating the student’s proficiency level, identifying strengths, and recognising areas for improvement. Initial in-class assessments or discussions are conducted to comprehend specific learning goals and preferences.

Using this information, our tutors create customised lesson plans that cater to the student’s unique needs in Maths. They adapt teaching methods to accommodate different learning styles, pacing, and preferred modes of instruction, ensuring a personalised and effective learning experience.
Although there are no specific exams held in Year 1, we can begin preparing students for entrance exam, opportunity class tests or selective school exams later in their schooling journey.

Our Maths tutors are well-equipped to assist with special exam preparation. They focus on targeted review, practice, and addressing specific challenges, ensuring students feel confident and ready for their exams.

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Since 2003, MWNS has been delivering productive and enjoyable Maths lessons to primary and high school students.


Our main focus is on guiding students to achieve their personal best, not just within our classrooms but also in their broader educational journey.


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