Primary School Tutoring

Building Confident Learners
inside & outside our classrooms.

Our Primary teachers use the Australian Curriculum to focus on building solid foundations for their younger students whilst preparing their older students for high school.


Personalised & Engaging – All our lessons are tailored to the individual needs of your child. By working at a pace that suits and benefits them, we are able to maximise their learning in an enjoyable environment.

Primary School Tutoring

Trusted by parents from over 1000 Schools

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Helping build over 5000 Confident Learners

Lesson Structure

Individual Lessons

For those students who may be slightly behind in their work or unable to focus within a group environment, we recommend an Individual Lesson.

Micro Groups

Maximum of 3 students – Our Micro Groups are designed for students who work well with others and enjoy the team building atmosphere.

Tuition Fees

Primary: K – Yr6
Micro Group: $54/hr
Individual: $84/hr


Our Teaching Style

Mastery Based Learning

Our teachers identify the current level and ability of their students to build upon their existing knowledge. This ensures that each concept is mastered before progressing to the next.

Passion & Experience

Carefully selected by our Principal, Sia Goutzas, our team consists of qualified teachers and experienced tutors who are passionate about your child’s education.

We focus on HOW and WHY

We teach our students HOW to learn and WHY they are learning while teaching WHAT they need to know.

Application-Based Learning

Teaching beyond memorisation helps our students gain a deeper understanding of concepts, allowing them to apply their learning both inside and outside our classrooms.

Specialised Tutoring

Turn your study PLAN into productive study!

By working through past papers and exam style questions, our experienced tutors provide guidance on ways to best perform in this standardised test by exposing students to past papers and exam techniques.

We recommend attending a weekly tutoring lesson as well as attending our Intensive NAPLAN Preparation Course.

Get a head start and be exam ready!

Specifically for students who are sitting the OC Exam to familiarise them with the style of questions and paper they will be exposed to. Our experienced tutors will teach students how to implement exam strategies and tactics so they perform their best during the OC exam.

We recommend enrolling in a Primary Individual Lesson on a weekly basis as well as enrolling into our Opportunity Class Preparation Courses.

Providing your child with the edge they need to succeed.

Designed to best prepare your child for their Selective School Exam by exposing them to a range of past papers, extending their current knowledge and teaching them ways to implement exam strategies and tactics to help them feel prepared.

We recommend enrolling in a Primary Individual Lesson on a weekly basis as well as enrolling into our Selective School Preparation Courses.

Holiday Courses

Master an entire year of Maths in just 3 days!

These intensive and enjoyable holiday courses are designed to fill any gaps in your child’s knowledge by teaching concepts they may have missed throughout the year. With a separate course for each year level, our Maths Mastery courses are taught by experienced and passionate teachers who will revise all the key concepts your child should be familiar with from their year at school.

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Helping our students transform their writing into WOW!

Our Writing Workshops begin with the basics of writing and employ this foundation to improve writing and editing skills, structure well written English responses, apply creative writing tips and master the different text types. Taught by experienced tutors, this course provides students with the resources and support to excel in English throughout primary school.

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Our Teachers

Carefully selected by our Principal, Sia Goutzas, our team consists of qualified teachers and experienced tutors who are passionate about your child’s education. 

Our Centres

Our Learning Centres are equipped with an extensive range of teaching resources that allows us to create personalised and enjoyable lessons in a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Parents and/or students may reschedule lessons up until the day before the scheduled session. We require 24 hours notice or a doctor’s certificate to reschedule a lesson. If a lesson is not rescheduled within the current term, this lesson will be forfeited. No credits or refunds will be issued for absences.

If your child is slightly unwell, they are more than welcome to stay home and join their lesson online. If they are feeling quite unwell and you are able to provide us with a doctor’s certificate, we would be more than happy to reschedule their lesson to another day throughout the current term. 

We accept Cash, Credit Card, Bank Transfers or Automatic Payment Schedule through Ezidebit. All Ongoing Enrolments need to set up an Automatic Payment Schedule which will be processed either Fortnightly or for each Term.

No. Our Centres are closed on Public Holidays and no fees are charged for these days. Public Holidays which we celebrate during the year are: Australia Day, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Anzac Day, Queen’s Birthday & Labour Day.

Yes. Lessons are conducted on Pupil Free Days as they vary for different schools.

If your child no longer requires tuition, and you wish to withdraw them, we will require 14 days’ notice. Your child is welcome to attend their scheduled lessons during the notice period. All withdrawals must be provided via email ( If you have withdrawn your child, a credit for the balance of the term’s fees will be applied to your account. We do not offer refunds.

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