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At Maths Words Not Squiggles, we go beyond traditional tutoring

We are dedicated to fostering confidence and excellence in every student. We collaborate with qualified teachers and experienced tutors in Sydney to help students achieve their personal best. We achieve this goal by remaining progressive in our teaching styles, creating learning intentions for each student and documenting student progress on a weekly basis.

Navigating both Primary and High School levels, our team of qualified educators is committed to sculpting a strong academic foundation. We don’t just offer in-person and online tutoring in Australia — we aim to inspire, guide and ignite a passion for learning.
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Signs Your Child Needs Private Tutoring

Is your child facing challenges that seem to impede their academic progress? Or perhaps they are wanting to maintain their good grades and excel at school? Recognising the signs your child may benefit from private or online tutoring can be a proactive step towards unlocking their full potential in academics. At Maths Words Not Squiggles, we understand every child learns differently, and our personalised tutoring in Sydney is designed to address these needs:

Lack of Confidence

A decline in your child’s confidence in their academic abilities or frustration or stress related to schoolwork are red flags that can impact your child’s overall well-being.

Maths Words Not Squiggles fosters a supportive learning environment where our English and Maths tutors work closely with students to build self-assurance in their abilities.

Avoidance of Homework

If your child consistently avoids or dreads completing homework assignments, it may signal a deeper issue.

Our English and Maths tutors help tackle those assignments while instilling effective study habits and a positive attitude towards learning.

Decline in Grades

If you’ve noticed a sudden drop in your child’s grades or a consistent struggle to keep up with the curriculum, it could be an indication that they need additional support.

Our expert English and Maths tutors specialise in identifying learning gaps in these subjects and providing targeted assistance to bridge those divides.

Bored at School

Achieving academic success is attainable through dedicated Maths and English tutoring. Focused tutoring ensures students maintain high grades and excel in their studies.

Whether reinforcing foundational principles or preparing for exams, our tutors in Sydney lay the groundwork for sustained academic excellence.

How Can We Help?

Unlock academic excellence in your child with personalised tutoring solutions. At Maths Words Not Squiggles, we understand that every student is unique, and our mission is to cultivate their potential with targeted support. Here’s how we can help them pave the way toward a brighter future through in-person or online tutoring services:

Maths & English Tutoring

We specialise in teaching Maths and English from Kindergarten to Year 12. Our teachers focus on the concepts taught at school so our students can excel with confidence.

Comprehensive support from our English and maths tutors, who cover the entire spectrum from Kindergarten to Year 12.


Targeted teaching to ensure a deep understanding of essential concepts.

Personalised & Engaging

All our English & Maths lessons are tailored to the individual needs of your child, whether through in-person or online maths and English tutoring. By working at a pace that suits and benefits them, we are able to maximise their learning in an enjoyable environment.

Private tutoring and tailored lessons that align with your child & unique learning style and preferences.


Engagement-focused approach to make learning enjoyable and foster a love for subjects.

Individual Lessons

For students who may be slightly behind in their work, preparing for an upcoming exam (OC, Selective High School or HSC) or unable to focus within a group environment.

Customised one-on-one private tutoring sessions designed to address specific learning gaps.


Personalised attention to enhance understanding, especially for upcoming exams.

Micro Groups

Maximum of 3 students. All students are taught independently as the teacher swiftly rotates between them. During these personalised lessons, schoolwork and gaps in their knowledge will be focused on.

Small group dynamics for a supportive and collaborative learning environment.


Individualised attention within the group setting, allowing for targeted improvements.

Tuition Fees

Primary: Kindy – Yr6
Micro Group: $58/hr
Individual: $91/hr

Secondary: Yr7 – Yr10
Micro Group: $63/hr
Individual: $96/hr

Senior: Yr11 – Yr12
Micro Group: $68/hr
Individual: $96/hr

Our Teaching Style

School Alignment

Our teaching approach integrates with your child's school curriculum. We ensure our private tutoring sessions align precisely with what your child is learning at school.

This reinforces their understanding of schoolwork and empowers them to confidently participate, ask questions and excel in the classroom setting.

Mastery Based Learning

Our English and Maths tutors identify the current level and ability of your child before building upon their existing knowledge.

This ensures that each concept is mastered before progressing to the next. Our goal is to develop a strong foundation, fostering long-term academic success and a genuine love for learning.

Passion & Experience

Carefully selected by our Principal, Sia Goutzas, our team consists of qualified teachers and experienced Maths & English tutors who are passionate about your child's education.

By handpicking each teacher, she can ensure the highest quality lessons that align with the values MWNS was build on over 20 years ago.

Application-Based Learning

Private tutoring at Maths Words Not Squiggles extends beyond rote memorisation. We believe in cultivating a deeper understanding of concepts that go hand-in-hand with practical application.

By fostering this holistic approach, our students gain the skills to apply learning both inside and outside the classroom, preparing them for success in real-world scenarios.

Our Tutoring Centres

We have several locations for tutoring in Sydney, and all are equipped with an extensive range of teaching resources. These allow us to create personalised and enjoyable lessons in a welcoming and comfortable environment.

See Our Tutoring Centres:

MWNS Teachers

Celebrating 20 Years of Teaching

Since 2003, MWNS has been helping build confident learners by teaching personalised, enjoyable and productive lessons through face-to-face and online tutoring.


We focus on helping our students achieve their personal best both inside and outside our classrooms.

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Empower your child’s success

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Discover the benefits of face-to-face or online tutoring in Australia with Maths Words Not Squiggles. Our expert English and Math tutors ensure school-aligned learning, mastery-based progress and application-focused education. Give your child the confidence to excel in school and beyond — fill out the contact form below to ignite a transformative learning experience.

We also provide information on our Holiday Courses, the NAPLAN Test and Selective High School Preparation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Since 2003, MWNS has been helping build confident learners by teaching personalised, enjoyable and productive Maths & English lessons both face-to-face and online.


We focus on helping our students achieve their personal best inside and outside our classrooms. Find out how our Maths & English high school tutors can help your child achieve to the best of their ability.


Our lesson slots fill up quickly. Check availability on our website or contact us directly to secure your place in our programs and start your child’s journey with MWNS towards confidence, enjoying school and academic success.

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