Parent Portal

A Personal Window into Your Child’s Learning.

The Parent Portal allows you to stay on top of your child’s tuition.


There is no longer a need to wait for biannual report cards to understand your child’s education strengths and weaknesses. Our real-time data allows us to track student progress, create personalised lessons and instantaneously share detailed progress reports with you, our parents.

MWNS Online Lessons

Features of the Parent Portal

Your child’s teacher will write a detailed evaluation after each lesson sharing the content that was covered, how the student performed and homework to be completed for the following week.


The MWNS Portal also allows you to: 

  • Track your child’s progress against the Australian Curriculum
  • Reschedule a lesson if your Child is unwell or away at school camp
  • Enrol into our Holiday Courses (NAPLAN, Selective School, HSC, etc.)
  • View upcoming lessons
  • Contact our Admin team

Welcome to the Parent Portal!

Log In

Log in with your email and password.


Can’t remember them? Click the “Forgot Password” button or contact us.


Enjoy easy access to all the Parent Portal features on the Home page as well as along the bottom of your screen.

Allow Notifications

Click the bell iconto allow notifications. You will receive notifications about new evaluations, outstanding invoices & messages from MWNS.


View Lessons

View Upcoming Lessons and important lesson information such as Date, Time & Teacher. 


You can also view Lessons to Reschedule.

Reschedule Lessons

To reschedule a lesson, click the calendar icon and select to reschedule now or at a later date during the term. If you select ‘Now’ available classes within the next 6 days will appear.


Evaluations Overview

View detailed evaluations written about your child’s lessons by their tutor.


They will appear chronologically from most recent.

Read Evaluations

To read your child’s evaluations, click the  ‘Teacher Comments’ button.


Class details as well as the evaluation will appear. Simply scroll to read more.

Curriculum Update

Our teachers align the work taught in every class with the Australian Curriculum. You are able to view your child’s progress by clicking the “View Achieved Australian Curriculum Points” button.



To enrol into additional lessons or a holiday course, click the Enrol button and follow the prompts.


Account Menu

There are a number of functions available in the Account tab including the ability to view Invoices, your Payment Schedule and update your Contact Information.


View Current Invoices & Past Invoices.

You are able to pay for a new invoice at your earliest convenience.

Payment Schedule

Keep track of your finances with your personal Payment Schedule which includes details about classes invoices and successful/failed payments. 

Contact Information

Update your Contact Information easily and without needing to contact our Admin team.

Log Out

To log out of the Parent Portal, simply click the ‘Log Out’ button.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Need to contact us?
Click ‘Contact Us’ and you will shown the number, email and address for each of our centres.

Download the App

Want to access the Parent Portal on your computer?

Search for: & bookmark/favourite

Want to download the Parent Portal App on your phone?

If you have an iPhone: Download App

If you have an Android*: Watch this 1-minute video explaining how to save the app

*We are still finalising the Android app – thank you for your patience

Frequently Asked Questions

The Parent Portal is accessible here: 


Your username is the email you provided us upon enrolment of your child(ren).


Your password was emailed to you upon enrolment. You have the option to change your password once you log in.

Your username is the email you provided us upon enrolment of your child(ren).

If you have forgotten your password, click “Forgot Password” and you will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

Once you log into the Parent Portal, click “Progress” and then “Teacher Comments”. This will show your child’s lesson evaluations. 

You can then select “View Achieved Australian Curriculum Points” to see your child’s progress against with the curriculum. 

The Parent Portal ( provides you with access to your child’s evaluations, curriculum progress, access to invoices, rescheduling lessons and contacting our Admin Team.

The Student Portal ( allows students to join their online lessons, upload schoolwork/homework they would like to work on at tutoring as well as viewing document uploads from their tutor.

Absolutely! Simply:

  1. Log into the Parent Portal & click “Lessons”.
  2. Click the calendar icon and choose to reschedule the lesson now or at a later date during the term.

Reschedule Now – if you choose to reschedule now, available classes within the next 6 days will appear.

Reschedule Later – if you choose to reschedule later, the lesson will appear in “Lessons to Reschedule” in the “Lessons” tab. You can reschedule this lesson anytime during the current school term.

If you have any issues or there is no availability, please Contact Us and we will be prompt to assist.

Yes, you can!


  1. Log into the Parent Portal
  2. Click “Account”
  3. Click “Invoices”
  4. Click “Pay”
  5. Enter your preferred payment details

If you have any issues or questions, please Contact Us and we will be prompt to assist.

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