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A Personal Window into Your Child’s Learning.

The Parent Portal allows you to stay on top of your child’s tuition.


There is no longer a need to wait for biannual report cards to understand your child’s education strengths and weaknesses. Our real-time data allows us to track student progress, create personalised lessons and instantaneously share detailed progress reports with you, our parents.


Our progress reports include detailed evaluations written by your child’s teacher, which include the content taught in the lesson, student understanding and behaviour as well as homework to be completed for the following week. This is combined with your child’s personal Curriculum Tracker which documents their progress against the Australian Curriculum.

MWNS Online Lessons

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Please note, we are in the process of designing an app that is suitable for Android.
In the meantime, feel free to access the portal through a web browser.
Thank you for your patience.

MWNS App Login

Step 1 - Sign In

Sign in with your email and password.

Step 2 - Menu

Open the menu Parallel Line Icon to access all features, including access to enrol in weekly tuition and holiday courses (NAPLAN, Selective School Exam, HSC Preparation, etc.) as soon as the timetable opens.

Step 3 - Dashboard

Instant access to your child’s Curriculum Tracker, Lesson Evaluations and Attendance as well as details regarding upcoming lessons and pending reschedules.

Step 4 - Academic Progress - Curriculum Tracker

Our teachers align the work taught in every class with the Australian Curriculum. You are able to view your child’s progress through the Curriculum Tracker which will be updated after every lesson. 

Step 5 - Academic Progress - Lesson Evaluations

Your child’s teacher will write a detailed evaluation after each lesson sharing the content that was taught, how they performed and homework to be completed for the following week.

Step 6 - Schedule & Reschedule

A full view of your child’s schedule as well as lessons available to be rescheduled. You can access our current availability to reschedule lessons by simply clicking the cog Center Weight Icon and viewing the timetable.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Parent Portal is accessible here: 

Your username is the email you provided us upon enrolment of your child(ren).

Your default password is: mwns12345

Your username is the email you provided us upon enrolment of your child(ren).

Your default password is: mwns12345

If you have reset your password to something other than the suggestion above, please email our helpful Admin team ( and they will reset your password to the default password. 

Once you log into the Parent Portal, click “Academic Progress” from the left hand menu and this will provide you with options to view a “Curriculum Summary” or “Student Evaluations”. Both options will ask you to enter the name of your child and will then present their academic progress.

The Parent Portal provides you with access to your child’s evaluations, curriculum progress, access to invoices, rescheduling lessons and contacting our Admin Team.

The Student Portal allows students to join their online lessons, upload schoolwork/homework they would like to work on at tutoring as well as viewing document uploads from their tutor.

Absolutely! Simply:

  1. Log into the Parent Portal
  2. Click “Timetable” from the left hand menu
  3. Choose the child you would like to reschedule a lesson for
  4. Find the lesson day/time and click the cog in the right hand corner of the lesson
  5. Click “Reschedule Now”
  6. The timetable will appear with available days/times to reschedule the lesson to
  7. Please note, lessons can only be rescheduled 6 days in advance

If you have any issues or there is no availability, please contact our Admin Team and they can assist. 

Yes, you can! Simply:

  1. Log into the Parent Portal
  2. Click “My Account Info” from the left hand menu
  3. Select “Invoice Management”
  4. Select the “Centre” and enter your child’s name
  5. Click “Filter”

These five steps will allow you to access previous and outstanding invoices with options to view or pay them.

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