Holiday Courses

Term 1 School Holidays

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NAPLAN Preparation Course
(Year 3, 5 ,7 & 9 Students)

Turn your study PLAN into productive study with this course!

By working through past papers and exam style questions with our experienced tutors, our NAPLAN courses are the best way for your child to prepare for the NAPLAN examination. Students will be provided with course notes, learning resources as well as tips and guidance on how to best perform in this standardised test.


Term 2 School Holidays

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Opportunity Class (OC) Preparation Course
(Year 4 Students)

Get a head start and be exam ready!

Specifically for students who are sitting the OC Exam to familiarise them with the style of questions and paper they will be exposed to. Our experienced tutors will teach students how to implement exam strategies and tactics so they perform their best during the OC exam.


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Year 11 & HSC Mathematics Revision Courses
(Year 11 & 12 students)

Learn the entire Mathematics course in just 5 days!

These courses are the ideal way to revise and consolidate all key concepts taught during the school year. Taught by experienced tutors during the Term 2 break, these courses provide students with detailed notes on each topic, worked solutions and practice questions to ensure our students enter their exam with confidence.


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WOW Writing Workshop
(Year 4 – 10 Students)

Helping our students transform their writing into WOW!


Our Year 4 – 6 Writing Workshop: begins with the basics of writing and employs this foundation to improve our student’s writing and editing skills. It then focuses on structuring well written English responses, applying creative writing tips and mastering the different text types. This course allows students to focus on the fundamentals of English, that can be sometimes overlooked or skimmed through at school, and is designed to prepare primary students for high school.


Our Year 7 & 8 Writing Workshop: introduces students to high school English, guiding them through the fundamentals of essay writing, analysing texts and brainstorming and writing engaging creative writing pieces. This is complemented by a list of tips and tricks from English teachers and markers so students are familiar with marking criteria and scoring well. This course is ideal for any student hoping to improve or maintain their current English results.


Our Year 9 & 10 Writing Workshop: extends students beyond the basics of English and begins preparing them for the senior years of high school English. This course provides a more in-depth look at Band 6 responses, textual analysis, interpreting unseen texts and writing innovative creatives. This is combined with tips from HSC markers to help our students perform well in their upcoming exams and assignments.


Term 3 School Holidays

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Maths Mastery Courses
(Year 1 – 11 Students)

Helping your child MASTER MATHS in just 3 days!

These jam-packed and enjoyable holiday courses are designed to fill any gaps in your child’s knowledge by teaching concepts they may have missed throughout the year. With a separate course for each year level (Year 1 – 11), our Maths Mastery courses are taught by experienced and passionate teachers who will revise all the key concepts your child should be familiar with from their year at school.


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HSC Mathematics Study Sessions
(Year 12 Students)

Practice makes perfect!

These intensive study sessions prepare our students for the HSC by allowing them to work through HSC questions with an experienced tutor. All students are encouraged to complete past exam papers prior to attending these sessions and focusing on the questions they find the most challenging during the sessions.


Term 4 School Holidays

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Selective School Preparation Course
(Year 6 Students)

Providing your child with the edge they need to succeed.

Our Selective School lessons and courses are focused on allowing students to become familiar with past exam papers and question styles as well as learn to implement exam tips and strategies to help them achieve their end goal – performing their best in the Selective School exam.


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Our Maths and English Assessments identify areas of strength and areas that need building. We provide parents with a detailed report that helps them decide if their child needs tutoring.

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