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All our Weekly Lessons & Holiday Courses are also available ONLINE.

In recent years, Australia’s educational landscape has changed dramatically with the increased popularity of online tutoring. Online tutoring for Maths and English enables students to study from the comfort of their homes at their preferred pace.

All MWNS Online tutoring lessons are live sessions with an experienced Maths/English tutor. Our online primary school tutors and online high school tutors focus on the concepts taught at school so your child can excel with confidence.

Personalised & Engaging – all our Maths & English online tutoring lessons are tailored to the individual needs of your child. By working at a pace that suits and benefits them, we are able to maximise their learning from the comfort of your own home.
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Weekly Online Tutoring

Lesson Structures

Private Lessons

For students who may be slightly behind in their work, preparing for an upcoming exam or unable to focus within a group environment, we recommend a Private Lesson.

This approach tailors each session to the learner's unique needs, ensuring they grasp concepts through words and relatable examples rather than memorising what’s on the page. Such personalised attention from our online tutors allows for a deeper understanding and application of the subject in everyday contexts, making the subject more accessible and less intimidating.

Micro Groups (max. 3 students)

All students are taught independently as the online tutor swiftly rotates between them. During these personalised lessons, schoolwork and gaps in their knowledge will be focused on.

Each student can actively engage with the subject matter through discussion and collaborative exercises in intimate groups, enhancing their understanding. This method fosters a supportive learning environment where students can confidently explore and articulate their ideas, making complex concepts more approachable and understandable.

Online Tutoring Fees

Primary: Kindy – Yr6
Micro Group: $58/hr
Private: $91/hr

Secondary: Yr7 – Yr10
Micro Group: $63/hr
Private: $96/hr

Senior: Yr11 – Yr12
Micro Group: $68/hr
Private: $96/hr

Our Teaching Style

School Alignment

Our online tutoring lessons incorporate what your child is learning at school to ensure they are understanding their schoolwork, able to complete their homework and gain the confidence to ask questions and engage in class.

Moreover, our online tutors provide targeted assistance that helps students reinforce and deepen their understanding of subjects, fill gaps in their knowledge and excel in their school assessments. This method fosters a seamless educational experience, where online tutoring acts as a valuable extension of classroom learning, adapted to each student's individual pace and style.

Mastery Based Learning

Our Online tutors identify the current level and ability of your child before building upon their existing knowledge. This ensures that each concept is mastered before progressing to the next.

Our live online tutors use adaptive learning techniques and personalised lesson plans to cater to individual student needs. Our online tutors can identify students’ problem areas through regular assessments and feedback, ensuring each concept is thoroughly understood. This approach enhances learning outcomes, builds student confidence and fosters a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Passion & Experience

Carefully selected by our Principal, Sia Goutzas, our team consists of qualified online tutors and experienced online English tutors and Maths tutors passionate about your child’s education.

This enthusiasm can enhance a student's interest in a subject. Our experienced online tutors adapt their teaching methods to suit individual learning styles, addressing academic challenges and providing valuable insights beyond textbooks. Their passion and experience create a dynamic learning environment that educates and motivates students to achieve their full potential.

Application-Based Learning

Teaching beyond memorisation helps our students gain a deeper understanding of concepts, allowing them to apply their learning both inside and outside our classrooms.

This strategy deepens the students' comprehension of the subject matter and enhances their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Application-based learning is particularly effective with online tutoring, where digital tools and resources can be leveraged to create immersive and engaging learning experiences that vividly demonstrate the relevance and utility of academic concepts in everyday life.

MWNS Student Portal

Delivering personalised & enjoyable lessons to the comfort of your own home.

MWNS Online is available to all students and is easily accessible from the Student Portal. Some students may choose to learn online throughout the entire year, others may decide to join online if they are unable to travel to the centre or are feeling slightly unwell and prefer to learn from home.

All Online Lessons will be accessible from the MWNS Student Portal Dashboard.

A “Join Lesson” button will appear 5 minutes prior to a student’s lesson. Clicking this button will automatically connect students with their online tutors for their lessons. All MWNS Online lessons will be joined through Zoom.

Our Online Tutors use interactive tools and learning resources to ensure our students stay on top of their learning from home.

We have over 10,000 worksheets, games, powerpoints and activities uploaded onto our online platform which are taught using interactive screen-share and annotation functions.

All students and teachers can “Upload Documents” to the Portal.

Students can share their school work, upload worksheets they require assistance with and share assessment notifications directly with their online tutor. Our Maths and English online tutors are also able to upload useful resources, interactive activities and homework tasks for students to access and use.

Our Maths & English Online Tutors

Carefully selected by our Principal, Sia Goutzas, our team consists of qualified teachers and experienced Maths & English tutors who are passionate about your child’s education. 

They focus on fostering a supportive and stimulating environment where students can build their skills, confidence and a deeper understanding of the subjects. The goal is to make learning enjoyable and impactful, helping students achieve their academic goals and develop a lifelong love for learning.

Our Resources

Each of our online tutors has access to an extensive range of teaching resources for both Maths and English lessons. With over 10,000 online resources including interactive activities, games, worksheets, topic tests and powerpoints, we can ensure that our online Maths & English tutoring sessions remain as personalised and enjoyable as face-to-face lessons.

Enrol Your Child In Online Tutoring at Maths Words Not Squiggles Today

Our expert online tutors at MWNS are committed to providing personalised, interactive and engaging online lessons that cater to your child’s unique learning style. Whether they’re struggling with a topic or looking to excel further, our tailor-made online tutoring programs help boost confidence, enhance understanding and help them foster a love for learning.


Whether you’re based in the Central Coast or Sydney, online tutoring makes it easy for your child to make time to study. Don’t wait to give your child the academic edge they deserve. Enrol now and watch them soar to new heights in their educational journey. 


We also offer selective school tutoring and NAPLAN preparation courses to give your child the support they need to excel. Contact us today to learn more and start your child’s transformative learning experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Parents and/or students may reschedule lessons up until the day before the scheduled session. We require 24 hours notice or a doctor’s certificate to reschedule a lesson. If a lesson is not rescheduled within the current term, this lesson will be forfeited. No credits or refunds will be issued for absences.

The Parent Portal provides you with access to your child’s evaluations, curriculum progress, access to invoices, rescheduling lessons and contacting our Admin Team.

The Student Portal allows students to join their online lessons, upload schoolwork/homework they would like to work on at tutoring as well as viewing document uploads from their tutor.

Our online tutoring focuses on teaching Maths and English to students from Kindergarten to Year 12. In Math, young learners start with basic arithmetic and gradually progress to more advanced topics like algebra, geometry and calculus in their later school years. 


English tutoring begins with fundamental reading and writing skills for the younger grades, evolving into complex literary analysis, advanced composition and critical thinking skills for older students. 

Our online tutors at MWNS have been carefully selected not only for their University qualifications in relevant fields but also for their teaching experience and the passion they bring to the role to help instil a love for learning in students. 


Our founder and Principal, Sia, carefully selects and takes a personal approach to mentoring our online tutors, evaluating their progress to ensure that our classrooms remain a safe space for learning, growth and development for our students. 

For online tutoring, your child should have a reliable computer, laptop or tablet with a stable internet connection. A webcam and microphone are crucial for interactive video sessions via Zoom, enabling the online tutor and student to communicate effectively. A good pair of headphones can help enhance audio clarity. 


Your child will have access to digital learning materials through our MWNS Student Portal Dashboard, with over 10,000 worksheets, games, powerpoints and activities to help them practice challenging concepts and build confidence.

You have control of your camera and audio and when you would like to share it. You will find the controls on the bottom left corner. If there is a red line across either your camera or microphone icon, this means it is not being shared. Simply click on the icon to share your camera or audio.

Lessons are scheduled every hour. If you are not able to see your teacher or the portal is telling you your host is in another meeting, it may be because your child’s teacher is finishing up a previous lesson. Please give it a couple of minutes and your child’s teacher should appear soon. If not, please contact our Admin team.

To begin your child’s application process for online tutoring classes at Maths Words Not Squiggles, fill in the online application form with your child’s details, year group, educational needs and preferred subjects. Once registered, you can schedule your tutoring sessions based on availability and start your child’s online learning journey. For any assistance or queries, don’t hesitate to contact our team. 

Our online tutoring caters to students wanting to improve their Math and English skills from kindergarten to year 12.

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