Maths Tutoring

Maths Tutoring

Enjoyable Maths Lessons Taught By Friendly & Knowledgeable Maths Tutors.

Does your child need extra support to better understand and engage with mathematical concepts in the classroom? With a whole classroom of kids to teach, it can be a challenge for teachers to give some students the one-on-one support they need — that’s where we come in.


At MWNS, we tailor every session to your child’s unique learning needs so you can rest assured they retain and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. By aligning the pace of our Maths tutoring lessons with their needs, we foster an environment that enhances learning and enjoyment.


Our Maths tutors align lessons with the Australian Curriculum, establishing a robust foundation for your child’s ongoing success throughout school.

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Our Teaching Style

Maths Tutoring Sydney

At MWNS, our Maths tutors boast a teaching style beyond traditional methods. Our Math tutors don’t just impart their knowledge — they inspire a genuine love and passion for mathematics to turn your child’s least favourite subject into a space where they feel accomplished. Our Maths tutors have a knack for making your child’s learning journey enjoyable and impactful through interactive sessions and real-world applications.

School Alignment

At MWNS, we understand the importance of alignment with school standards. Our Maths tutors ensure our tutoring programs seamlessly integrate with the school syllabus to help students stay ahead and excel academically.

Our Maths tutors create their engaging take on the Australian Curriculum to deliver relevant and helpful lessons.

Mastery Based Learning

Our Maths tutors don't rush through topics — we ensure students master each concept thoroughly before progressing.

This approach establishes a foundation of understanding that lasts a lifetime. Ensuring your child is comfortable with the basics before progressing ensures gaps are filled and your child can confidently excel.

Passion & Experience

Carefully selected by our Principal, Sia Goutzas, our team of qualified educators and dedicated Maths tutors have a genuine commitment to your child's education.

Beyond being experts in mathematics, our team ignites the spark of curiosity in each student. With years of experience, we bring a depth of expertise that sets MWNS apart.

Application-Based Learning

We go beyond theory, connecting mathematical concepts to real-world, applicable scenarios to enhance comprehension and equip students with practical problem-solving skills.

Integrating hands-on resources and interactive activities into our Maths tutoring lessons enhances students' ability to memorise, understand and apply their learning.

Where To Find Our Maths Tutoring Centres

Our Maths tutors will take the time to get to know your child and understand their learning style to ensure the content resonates with them, whether you opt for your child to study in-person or study online Maths tutoring with our online Maths tutors.

Building Confident Learners

for over 20 years

Our team consists of experienced Maths tutors and qualified teachers who are passionate about your child’s education. 


Principal Sia continues to carefully select, train, mentor and evaluate all her Maths tutors to ensure that our classrooms remain a safe space for learning, making mistakes, having light-bulb moments and loving to learn! Her biggest priority is providing a personalised learning experience for all students to suit their preferred learning style and pace and help them achieve their best.


All our Maths tutors have their Working With Children Check.

Meet our Centre Managers

Each one of our centres has an approachable and helpful Centre Manager who will be expecting your child on their very first day. 

Our Centre Managers will be your first point of contact and able to answer any questions you may have while at MWNS.

View Progress & Manage Classes

all in one place and in a matter of seconds

At MWNS, we believe it is vital that you remain a part of your child’s education journey. For that reason, we have created the MWNS Parent Portal as a personal window to your child’s learning experience. Why wait to receive their report card when you can remain in the loop with real-time data that tracks your child’s progress, upcoming lesson plans, Maths tutor feedback, payment invoices and more?


When you download the MWNS Parent Portal app, you can:

  • View Progress Reports (published after each lesson)
  • Track your child’s progress against the Australian Curriculum
  • View upcoming lessons or reschedule a lesson
  • Contact our Admin team

Hear what local families, just like yours, say about MWNS:

Enrol your child in Maths tutoring at MWNS

& invest in their future success

MWNS is proud to be a safe space for your child to address any areas of concern they may be facing when it comes to mathematics. With our 20 years of industry expertise, you can count on our experienced Maths tutors to break down mathematical problems into bite-sized information. 


What’s more, we refuse to take a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to our students. Whether you opt for one-on-one lessons for your child or small groups of up to 3, you can trust your child will receive the personalised attention they need to succeed. 


While you’re here, explore our English tutoringSelective School tutoring and NAPLAN preparation courses. If you have any questions, contact our staff, who would be delighted to assist you. 

With no lock-in contracts,

why not try a lesson?

No payments required until you find your preferred day and time at your nearest centre.

Have another question? 

Our friendly Admin team will respond asap:

Maths Tutor Sydney

Absolutely! You are more than welcome to speak with your child’s tutor before or after their lesson if you are able to come into the centre.

Alternatively, you are more than welcome to send an email to your Centre Manager and they will be sure to pass on your message prior to your child’s lesson.  

Simply log into the Parent Portal:

  • Log In: Click here
  • More Information: Click here

Once you log into the Parent Portal, click “Progress” and this will provide you with the option to read Student Evaluations and updates against the Australian Curriculum.

The ideal age to get a tutor for a child varies based on individual needs and circumstances. If your child is showing signs of struggling academically or wants to be excelled, we recommend enrolling with MWNS tutoring for extra guidance and support.


At MWNS, you can communicate your child’s preferred learning style and challenges with their tutor to ensure their weaknesses are addressed, they gain confidence and excel.

Yes, a Maths tutor can assist with homework, test preparation and understanding mathematical concepts.


Tutors can guide specific homework problems, tailor their instruction to address areas of difficulty and offer targeted practice to enhance comprehension.


They play a crucial role in preparing students for tests by reinforcing key concepts, teaching problem-solving strategies and building the confidence to excel in mathematical assessments.

Primary (Kindy – Yr6)
Micro Group: $58/hr
Private: $91/hr
Secondary (Yr7-Yr10)
Micro Group: $63/hr
Private: $96/hr
Senior (Yr11-Yr12)
Micro Group: $68/hr
Private: $96/hr

If you choose to discontinue your child’s tuition, we simply require 14-days notice. Your child is welcome to attend their scheduled lessons during this notice period. Kindly initiate withdrawals via email ( Upon withdrawal, any paid fees for the term will be credited to your account.

The frequency of weekly Math tutoring sessions depends on the individual needs of each student, the complexity of the material, the preferred learning pace and the urgency of improvement.

A consistent schedule of one to two sessions per week is often effective for maintaining continuity and addressing challenges. Regular communication between the tutor, student and parents can help adjust the frequency to ensure optimal progress and understanding.

Principal Sia started MWNS over 20 years ago, and since then, has always operated MWNS with her students as the focus. Lessons are designed to best help students, which is why every lesson is tailored to what a student is doing at school and areas that need building. 


Our tutors are qualified teachers (or working towards a teaching qualification) or experienced tutors. Sia hires and mentors individuals that are passionate about teaching and great communicators. 


Our end goal is to ensure every student enjoys learning, builds their confidence and achieves their academic goals. 

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