Primary School Tutoring

Primary School Tutoring

Give your child the confidence to succeed with professional Maths & English Tutoring.

We Work With Qualified Teachers

& Experienced Primary School Tutors To Help Our Students Achieve Their Personal Best

At Maths Words Not Squiggles, we provide your children with the skills they need to succeed at school and beyond. We achieve this goal by remaining progressive in our teaching styles, creating learning intentions for each student and documenting student progress weekly.


Our Primary School tutoring in Sydney will play a pivotal role in helping to shape your child’s future, providing unparalleled support, fostering a love for learning and nurturing their potential. 

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How Can We Help?

Maths & English Tutoring

Our Primary School tutors specialise in teaching Maths and English from Kindergarten to Year 6. We offer Individual Lessons and Micro Groups (maximum 3 students).

We tailor our lessons to the unique needs of each student, focusing on foundational skills and advanced topics, our Primary School tutors instil confidence in students and equip them with the tools for academic success.

Personalised & Engaging

At MWNS, we believe in the power of personalised and engaging education. Your child’s Primary School tutor will tailor their lesson to suit your child's individual needs, ensuring we maximise their learning in an enjoyable environment.

This approach fosters a positive and supportive learning environment where students can ask questions and explore their academic interests.

Our Resources

We have an array of educational resources that complement our tutoring services. From audio/visual materials to quizzes and summary notes, we leverage diverse tools to enhance the learning experience and ensure a well-rounded education for every student.

We have over 15,000 resources your child's Primary School tutor will carefully select and use to teach productive and engaging lessons.

Open Communication

Our Primary School tutors will regularly update your child’s progress, addressing any concerns promptly. This transparent approach means you remain actively involved in your child's educational journey every step of the way.

We encourage parents to provide information from school teachers or results (reports/exams) to guide our Primary School tutors with their child's learning.

Weekly Primary School Tuition

Primary School Tutoring

Individual Lessons

For students who may be slightly behind in their work, preparing for an upcoming exam or unable to focus within a group environment, we recommend an Individual Lesson.

Math Teaching

Micro Groups

In small groups of a maximum of 3 students, our Primary School tutors emphasise individual attention, rotating swiftly between students to help them address any knowledge gaps.

Primary School Tuition Fees

Kindy – Yr6
Micro Group: $58/hr
Individual: $91/hr

Our Teaching Style

Primary School Tutoring

Our Primary School tutoring in Sydney prides itself on a distinctive teaching style that combines passion and experience. Our tutors are far from just educators — they are mentors who inspire a love for learning and instil a lifelong curiosity in their students.

School Alignment

We understand the importance of aligning our Primary School tutoring services with your child’s curriculum. Our lessons complement and reinforce classroom learning, creating a seamless educational experience.

Our Primary School tutors will ensure your child understands their schoolwork, completes their homework and gains the confidence to ask questions and engage in class.

Passion & Experience

Carefully selected by our Principal, Sia Goutzas, our team consists of qualified teachers and experienced Primary School Maths tutors and Primary School English tutors.

Our Primary School tutors bring a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to every lesson, creating an environment where learning becomes a joyful and rewarding experience.

Mastery Based Learning

Our Primary School tutors help students view mathematics not as mere numbers but as a language of logic, problem-solving and creative thinking.

They transform a once daunting subject into an engaging one, identifying your child's current level and ability to identify strengths and areas that need building, ensuring your child masters each concept before progressing to the next.

Application-Based Learning

Primary school tutors go beyond textbook learning, applying mathematical concepts to real-life applications.

Teaching beyond memorisation helps primary students gain a deeper understanding of concepts to apply their learning inside and outside our classrooms. This dual approach prepares your child for academic success and equips them with real-world problem-solving skills.

Where To Find Our Primary School Tutoring

If you’re searching for Primary School tutoring in Sydney, you’ll be pleased to know that MWNS has a range of Primary School tutoring centres sprawled out across Sydney, including:


Online Primary School Tutoring

With the everyday hustle and bustle of life, from balancing work to maintaining the upkeep of your home and getting your kids ready for school, we understand it can be hard to make the time to take your child to and from their Primary School tutoring. Why not opt for our online Primary School tutoring instead? Your child can study from the comfort of their home whenever best suits their needs and at their preferred learning pace.

Celebrating 20 Years of Teaching

Our team consists of qualified primary teachers and experienced Primary School tutors who are passionate about your child’s education. 


We have specifically selected our Primary School tutors for their love of their subject, their ability to communicate and explain concepts effectively, and, most importantly, their desire to empower the next generation. Sia continues to carefully select, train, mentor and evaluate all her teachers to ensure that our classrooms remain a safe space for learning, making mistakes, having light-bulb moments and loving to learn! 


All our Primary School Maths tutors and English tutors have their Working With Children Check. 

Staying up to date with your child's progress has never been easier

Our real-time data allows you to track your child’s progress after each lesson.


Our Parent Portal allows you to access  comprehensive evaluations, your child’s understanding of content, behaviour, assigned homework, and alignment with the Australian Curriculum.


So you no longer need to wait for biannual report cards to assess your child’s educational strengths and areas for improvement—simply access the MWNS Parent Portal!

Get In Touch With Our Team

at Maths Words Not Squiggles Today

Since you’re here, we encourage you to book a free assessment or explore our Selective School tutoring, NAPLAN Preparation courses and OC Preparation course. If you have any questions, contact our team, who will gladly assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our definition of a qualified teacher is a person who has completed training recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), such as a degree or diploma.


Almost all of our teachers are either qualified or working towards their qualification at University or TAFE. A handful of our teachers are not qualified on that basis, however, they are experienced in tutoring and have passed Sia’s high standards before being employed.

If your child is slightly unwell, they are more than welcome to stay home and join their lesson online. If they are feeling quite unwell and you are able to provide us with a doctor’s certificate, we would be more than happy to reschedule their lesson to another day throughout the current term. 

Our Primary school tutors tailor their lessons according to the individual learning needs of each student by employing diverse teaching strategies and techniques. They assess your child’s preferred learning style, strengths and weaknesses and adjust their instructional methods accordingly. 

They utilise visual aids, hands-on activities and personalised assignments to cater to different learning preferences. By taking a one-on-one approach, our Primary School tutors ensure that each student progresses at their own pace.

Our Primary School tutors integrate interactive activities, educational games and multimedia tools to capture students’ interest. 


Our tutors carefully select resources tailored to your child’s learning style, creating a stimulating learning environment for your child.

The Student Portal allows students to join their online lessons, upload schoolwork/homework they would like to work on at tutoring as well as viewing document uploads from their tutor.

No. Our Centres are closed on Public Holidays and no fees are charged for these days. Public Holidays which we celebrate during the year are: Australia Day, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Anzac Day, Queen’s Birthday & Labour Day.

At MWNS, we specialise in teaching Maths and English from Kindergarten to Year 6. 


Our Micro Group lessons are subject-specific — you can enrol your child into a Maths Micro Group or an English Micro Group.


If you think an individual lesson would suit your child best, they can be taught either Maths or English for the hour, or both subjects can be incorporated into each lesson.

Yes, our Primary School tutors assist students with homework and exam preparation, providing guidance on understanding concepts, offering additional practice exercises and helping develop effective study habits. 


We'll let hundreds of local families, just like yours, answer on our behalf:

Join the MWNS family

& learn why we've built over 5000 confident learners

At Maths Words not Squiggles, we recommend enrolling for a term at your nearest centre into your preferred day and time.


If your child is unable to make a lesson, they are more than welcome to Join Online from home or reschedule the lesson to another time during the term. 


If it any point you would like to cease tuition, we simply require 14 days notice and no further fees are charged. 


We look forward to building your child into a confident learner!

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