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Professional Maths & English Tuition from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Your Nearest Centre is located in Rosebery.

Travel Time: Botany to Rosebery

Car: 5-10 minutes | Public Transport: 15-20 minutes


Throughout this page we will reference Botany Tutoring/Tutors as we have a number of students who attend tuition at our South Sydney Tuition Centre from this area.


Please note, all our lessons conducted at 351 Gardeners Road or Online.

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We specialise in teaching Maths & English from Kindergarten to Year 12

At MWNS, we pride ourselves on our exemplary educational services tailored to Kindergarten to Year 12 students. Our dedicated approach ensures each student receives personalised attention, fostering an environment that helps students achieve new academic goals and personal growth.


Education is not one-size-fits-all, and we understand that deeply at our South Sydney tutoring centre. We offer comprehensive tutoring programs in Maths and English designed to align with each student’s school curriculum, enhancing their classroom learning. 


Whether your child is just beginning their educational journey in Kindergarten or navigating the critical high school years, our programs adapt to meet their evolving academic needs.

Building Confident Learners

for over 20 years

Since 2003, MWNS has been on a mission to make learning educational and enjoyable. Our personalised lessons are tailored to your child, highlighting their strengths whilst building their weaknesses. We focus on teaching at a pace that is comfortable to them so they grasp every concept thoroughly.


Our long-standing presence is a testament to our success in helping students develop confidence to try and succeed. Our Botany tutors focus on school-taught material, filling gaps in your child’s knowledge and pushing them to reach their full potential. 


Our Maths & English coaching centre in Botany has helped hundreds of students on their educational journey by making each lesson a dynamic and purposeful step towards their continuous success.


School Alignment

Designed to complement your child's school studies, our Botany tutoring lessons foster a deep comprehension of school material, allowing your child to not only finish homework effectively but also to confidently ask questions and participate in class. You can count on us to provide a safe space for your child to reinforce their learning and build their confidence in the classroom.

Our Botany Tutors

Our Botany tutors are the backbone of our success. Personally chosen by our Principal, Sia Goutzas, our professional tutoring centre in South Sydney is staffed with certified educators and skilled English & Maths tutors, each passionately committed to enhancing your child's learning experience.

Mastery Based Learning

Our Primary and High School tutors utilise over 15,000 educational resources in our tutoring centre near Botany and online to complement each lesson. Your child's tutor will carefully select and implement these resources to personalise lessons and align with your child's unique learning preferences, allowing them to practise concepts for long-term retention.

Our Resources

Our Primary and High School tutors utilise over 15,000 educational resources in our tutoring centre near Botany to complement each of the lessons. Your child's tutor will carefully choose and implement these resources to personalise lessons and align with your child's unique learning preferences. It will allow your child to practise concepts for long-term retention.

Meet Ms Lhara

Our Botany Tutoring Centre Manager

Ms Lhara is currently studying for a Certificate IV in School Based Education Support at TAFE. She has experience teaching students in Maths, English, and dance, ensuring every lesson is adapted to each student’s learning style.


Ms Lhara embarked on her teaching journey with the goal of fostering a love for learning in children. She sees MWNS as the perfect platform to achieve this, aiming to create a positive and enjoyable learning experience for every student.


As the Rosebery Centre Manager, she ensures all her teachers strive for the same goal as her – building confident learners that enjoy learning and strive to achieve their personal best!

Ms Lhara
"I began teaching because I wanted to allow children to fall in love with learning."
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Meet our Botany Tutors

We invite you to meet our team of professional Botany tutors, each a specialist in their field with a unique passion for education and a common goal of helping students succeed. Our tutors are not just educators — they are mentors ready to guide students on their path to academic and personal growth.

Looking for a specific Year/Subject?

Primary School Tutoring in Botany

High School Tutoring in Botany

Hear what our parents & students have to say

The testimonials from our parents and students reflect the impact of our tutoring services. Their stories highlight the transformative experiences and successes made possible through our dedication to exceptional education.

Yes, our MWNS tutoring centre near Botany is highly experienced in helping students with exam preparation. Our tutors provide students with targeted tutoring programs focusing on key areas of the exam – whether it be maths, english or thinking skills –  aligning closely with the curriculum and exam requirements. 


Our experienced tutors in Botany specialise in exam techniques and strategies, helping students understand the material deeply and apply their knowledge confidently in exams. Their approach not only enhances kids’ ability to tackle specific exam questions but also builds overall academic resilience and test-taking skills, crucial for success in high-stakes educational assessments.

At our Botany tutoring centre, our tutors utilise various resources and materials during tutoring sessions to enhance learning outcomes. These include customised worksheets, tangible resources and practice exams that mirror actual test questions. 


Our Primary and High School tutors will often incorporate educational games and activities to make learning engaging and enjoyable for students. These resources are continuously updated to remain relevant and effective, aligning with the latest educational standards and methodologies.

Tutoring sessions are available in both one-on-one and Micro Group settings. Both class structures provide personalised attention, allowing our Botany tutors to tailor lessons to individual students’ needs. 


Our Micro Group sessions are for students who enjoy working with others, are encouraged by others asking questions and can work independently for a few minutes at a time. Our Individual lessons are better suited to students with mild to severe learning difficulties/delays, those trying to catch up at school or students preparing for an upcoming exam. 


Both formats are structured to maximise learning outcomes and cater to different learning styles and preferences.

At MWNS, our Botany tuition prices are


Primary (Kindy – Yr6)


Micro Group: $58/hr


Individual: $91/hr


Secondary (Yr7 – Yr10)


Micro Group: $63/hr


Individual: $96/hr


Senior (Yr11 – Yr12)


Micro Group: $68/hr


Individual: $96/hr

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