Maths Mastery Courses

Helping your child MASTER MATHS in just 3 days!

These intensive and enjoyable holiday courses are designed to fill any gaps in your child’s knowledge by teaching concepts they may have missed throughout the year. 


With a separate course for each year level (Year 1 – 11), our Maths Mastery courses are taught by experienced and passionate teachers who will revise all the key concepts your child should be familiar with from their year at school. 


All students will be provided with course material that will support the theory and worked examples their tutor will share with them throughout the course.

Maths Lesson For Kids

Course Information

Locations: All Our Learning Centres

Dates: Tuesday 4th – Thursday 6th October 2022

Times: 9:30am – 12:30pm (each day)

Total: 9 hours

Price: $345*
*Enrol before 17/09/22 to receive a $50 discount. 

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