Building Confident Learners

for over 20 years

Since 2003, MWNS has been helping build confident learners by teaching personalised, enjoyable & productive lessons.


All our lessons are tailored to the individual needs of your child. By working at a pace that suits and benefits them, we are able to help your child achieve their personal best


Our Northern Beaches Maths and English tutors focus on the concepts taught at school to provide your children with the skills and confidence they need to succeed.


School Alignment

Aligned with your child's in-school curriculum, our lessons ensure a comprehensive understanding of their academic material. This will help your child complete their school homework and instil them with the confidence to actively participate, ask questions, and engage at school.

Our Tutors

Carefully selected by Principal Sia Goutzas, our team consists of qualified educators and proficient English & Maths tutors, all with a passion for building confidence in your child.

Mastery Based Learning

Our Caringbah tutors assess your child's current level and abilities, solidifying the mastery of each concept before moving on. This systematic approach addresses any gaps and ensures a comprehensive grasp of the material.

Our Resources

We have over 15,000 resources in our Sutherland Shire Centre and online which your child's tutor will carefully select and use to create personalised lessons. These resources include learning aids, counters, tracing paper, past exam papers, worksheets and interactive activities.

Meet Mr Steven

Our Sutherland Shire Centre Coordinator

Mr Steven is very passionate about tutoring because he finds it the most effective way to teach. He believes individual and small group learning is where there is incredible attention to detail and every student’s needs are heard and met.


Mr Steven is currently in his last semester of a Bachelor of Secondary Teaching and has already started his Master of English Studies. He wholeheartedly believes in the education system and the importance of teachers. Like the world itself, he believes our mediums of education must be fluid and grow with the times.


As the Caringbah Centre Coordinator, he ensures all his teachers strive for the same goal as him – using education to empower students to become the best version of themselves.

Mr Steven
“Like the world itself, I believe our mediums of education must be fluid and grow with the times”
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