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Professional Maths & English Tuition from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Building Confident Learners

for over 20 years

Since 2003, MWNS has been on a mission to make learning not only educational but enjoyable.


Our personalised lessons are tailored to your child, highlighting their strengths whilst building their weaknesses. We focus on teaching at a pace that is comfortable to them so they grasp every concept thoroughly.


Our North Shore tutors focus on school-taught material, filling any gaps in your child’s knowledge and pushing them to reach their full potential. We have helped thousands of students on their educational journey by making each lesson a dynamic and purposeful step towards their continuous success!


School Alignment

Our lessons integrate your child's school curriculum, ensuring they not only understand their schoolwork but also have the confidence to complete homework, ask questions, and actively participate in class discussions.

Our Tutors

Handpicked by Principal Sia Goutzas, our team comprises qualified educators and skilled English and Maths tutors who are wholeheartedly dedicated to your child's educational journey.

Mastery Based Learning

Our North Shore tutors assess your child's current proficiency before expanding on their existing knowledge. This ensures that each concept is thoroughly mastered before moving on to the next.

Our Resources

In our Willoughby Centre, we offer an extensive array of over 15,000 in-centre and online resources. Your child's tutor will thoughtfully use these materials to create personalised and engaging lessons.

Meet Mrs Sia

Our Principal & Founder

“Teaching is something I truly enjoy. Seeing the expression on my student’s face once they have understood a new concept is rewarding and motivating for us both”.

Beginning her teaching journey in a school classroom, Sia quickly realised that all students learn differently and at different paces. For this reason, she created MWNS in 2003 with the hope of providing students with personalised lessons to suit their learning style and pace.


Sia has been able to combine her knowledge of the school classroom, her Bachelor of Education Degree and her passion for helping students gain confidence in themselves and their learning, to create a safe space for students to ask questions, make mistakes, discover, laugh and achieve their personal best.


“My goal across all our centres is to work with my team of dedicated teachers to create engaging lessons that your child looks forward to attending and leaves wanting to tell you all about. I want our students to see the MWNS classroom as a safe and inviting space to ask questions and have those ‘light-bulb’ moments they need to gain confidence and succeed both inside and outside our classrooms”.

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