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Our team has been hand-picked by our Principal and Founder. We offer you qualified teachers who are experts in their area. Each one of our teachers has been specifically selected for their love of their subject, their ability to explain this material to another individual and more importantly, for their desire to empower the next generation.

Andreas – Secondary Mathematics Teacher (Caringbah)

Andreas has a Bachelor in Mathematics and Finance and is currently completing a Masters in Secondary Teaching. Andreas is an advocate of discovery learning. He enjoys helping students recognise their strengths and understands their personal learning styles so that they can gain the confidence they need to learn independently and collaboratively. He focuses on questioning with the goal of leading the student to discover the solution and develop their critical thinking skills.   “I love to challenge my students academically and do my best to boost their confidence level at the same time. I love that Maths Words Not Squiggles gives me the opportunity to work with students on a personal level so that we can focus on their unique strengths and learning needs. I am happy to have the opportunity to adapt my lessons for each individual in a way that allows them to enjoy their learning experience."

Anita – Secondary Maths Teacher (Rosebery)

Anita completed a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Chemistry) followed by a Master of Teaching (Secondary) degree at the University of Sydney. An interest in the social, emotional and cognitive aspects of human development led her to complete a Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science at the Australian College of Applied Psychology. Anita has experience teaching across various schools in NSW and has been with Maths Words not Squiggles since January 2016.   “I believe all students should be given the opportunity to reach their personal best. I use a range of resources such as technology and concrete materials in order to improve the learning experience for students.”

Brigettte – Primary Teacher (Brookvale)

Brigette is currently a student at Macquarie University studying a Bachelor of Arts together with a degree of Bachelor of Education (Primary). She has always loved being with children and is especially fascinated by the way they think. To pursue her goal of becoming a primary school teacher, Brigette has gained experience working with children in both childcare and tutoring centres. As Brigette believes that every student is an individual, she is determined to provide learning opportunities that are unique to their own academic capabilities, which allows each student to engage and understand the material better. “I believe that teaching children is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. I love seeing a child reach their fullest potential by embracing their knowledge and imagination, both of which are essential tools for their future.”

Clarissa – Primary Teacher (Rosebery & Waverley)

Clarissa is currently completing her Bachelor of Education (Primary) from UNE in Armidale NSW.  Clarissa is in her final year and is very much looking forward to having her own class in the near future.  She is able to teach all areas of the Primary Curriculum and in particular Maths and English.  She has been around children for the last 20 years in various roles such as a Nanny, a Swimming Teacher as well as a kids yoga instructor.  Clarissa has a constructivist view of teaching where she encourages children to become activists in their own learning. She does this by structuring lessons to suit the learning styles of each child to ensure they are working to their fullest potential.   "I chose to become a teacher to make a difference in a child’s life and help them become the best version of themselves not only in the classroom but in every aspect of their lives. Tutoring at Maths Words not Squiggles gives me this opportunity and I look forward to it every week."

Craig – Primary Teacher (Caringbah)

Craig has a Diploma of Education. He has taught in the State School System for the past 31 years, he enjoys observing the successes of the young people he has worked with. Craig has taught all grade levels from Kindergarten to Year 6, including many composite classes and has proven himself to be a competent and professional teacher. Craig has worked as a tutor for students at Farrer Agricultural High up to Year 11, teaching English. He has also worked for several tutoring centres in the St. George area. He has taught Reading Recovery and has also worked as an STLA Teacher (Learning Difficulties). Throughout his career, he has maintained a deep interest in Literacy, Numeracy and Science. He has maintained a professional approach to developing his skills to current standards. Craig attempts to consistently provide a positive and relevant approach to engage students with learning experiences to cater to the needs of each & every student. Craig sets high standards for the students he works with, guiding each young person through experiences that allow success, building confidence and competence. He believes that all students work and learn best when concepts are explicitly taught and reinforced through revision.   “Success is that smile that shows understanding, and reinforces to the teacher that the student is progressing! We live to learn, and learn to live, through skills, knowledge and our will to succeed.”

Denise – Primary Teacher (Caringbah)

Denise has a Bachelor of Education degree and has been a dedicated teacher in the Catholic School system for 32 years. Denise loves teaching children and has taught students from Kindergarten to Year 6, including some composite classes. She has proven to be a competent and professional teacher with an array of experience. Her teaching experience includes one year as a teacher-librarian, six years as a Performing Arts teacher in a Primary School, experience with intervention groups at schools and as a tutor. Throughout her teaching career she has always implemented current teaching practices in her classrooms and always tries to create relevant learning experiences for the students to cater for the individual student differences. Denise creates a learning environment where students feel safe to take risks with their learning; where explicit teaching is practiced and where students are encouraged to reach their full potential. She believes that students learn best when concepts are explicitly taught and when students engage in work that is relevant, purposeful and fun.   “I enjoy supporting and encouraging students to achieve their very best in a positive and nurturing environment.”

Edna – Primary Teacher (Caringbah)

Edna is currently studying at the University of Sydney to complete a Bachelor of Education for primary schooling, including a Leaders in Maths Education (LiME) specialisation. Edna strongly believes in student-centred pedagogy and creating genuine relationships with students. She maintains that this is what allowed her students from her previous tutoring experiences to be more confident and motivated to learn. Edna also strives to make learning experiences relevant and meaningful to students to ensure that they understand what they are learning and find it to be purposeful.   "I want to teach because I want to help students develop and overcome their struggles. I especially enjoy teaching at Maths Words not Squiggles because it allows the opportunity for me to personally engage with students and to provide my full support."

Gloria – Primary Teacher (Rosebery)

Gloria is studying a double degree in a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education at the University of New South Wales. For more than two years, she has mentored students via private tutoring in both primary and secondary Mathematics. She believes all students embody individual learning styles. Gloria actively incorporates various teaching methods to assist students to reach their maximum potential. In developing an engaging and comfortable learning environment, she integrates both fun and challenges into students’ work to best stimulate their learning.   “I love tutoring at Maths Words not Squiggles because the small classes and individual sessions allow me as an educator, to best tailor and target the needs of my students.”

Jacqui – Secondary English Teacher (Rosebery & Waverley)

Jacqui has completed a Bachelor of Arts with a Diploma of Education. Jacqui has been teaching for over 20 years and is our consultant for Senior English students. Jacqui specialises in preparing Years 11 and 12 for the HSC and her preference is teaching students on an individual basis rather than in a school classroom setting. Jacqui’s expertise is in teaching text analysis and essay writing skills and over the past few years of her involvement with Maths Words not Squiggles her students have excelled in their final exams.

Lara – Secondary Mathematics Teacher (Caringbah)

Lara has a Masters of Education (specialising in Mathematics) from the University of Newcastle and a Bachelor of Human Movement and Health Education from the University of Sydney. She has been tutoring for several years and teaches Mathematics in a South West Sydney high school. Lara tailors her lessons around students’ needs to enable each student to reach their full potential.   "I love teaching students of all abilities and age groups. It is extremely rewarding to see a student's face when they finally grasp a concept and they feel a sense of achievement. I have been tutoring at Maths Words not Squiggles for many years and I love being part of a team that has the success of our students as a priority.”

Lauren – Secondary English Teacher (Rosebery)

Lauren has been teaching for approximately 9 years including 4 years with Maths Words not Squiggles. She prefers tutoring children on an individual basis rather than in a school classroom setting. Lauren’s training and experience includes teaching English to children at both the primary and secondary school levels. She also is experienced in instructing and working with children of various backgrounds in ESL situations.

Louise – Primary Teacher (Rosebery)

Louise is in her fourth and final year studying a Bachelor of Early Childhood and Primary Education at the Australian Catholic University. As she is growing with her qualification, Louise embeds her study of children aged between 0 to 15 to develop the minds of students working both above and below grade level. She prides her work on creating collaborative partnerships with her students. She believes each student is capable of immersing their own experiences into their learning and through this she strives to create a personal and engaging environment. Having worked with children for 5 years, Louise draws knowledge from sport coaching, tutoring and early childhood teaching to create a learning environment that produces motivated students. Thus enabling both Maths and English to transform from squiggles to quality education.

Marcus – Secondary Mathematics & English Teacher (Waverley)

Marcus has completed a combined Bachelor of Education (Secondary) and Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in English and French. As well as this, Marcus has completed the Extension 1 and Extension 2 Mathematics courses in the HSC and has been teaching mathematics across all age groups for over 4 years. Marcus has chosen to teach because he has a passion for helping others, for the content, and enjoys getting to know students and helping them achieve their best. He has tutored Mathematics, English, French and Latin for many years to students from different backgrounds and age groups, spanning from Year 4 to Year 12 “Maths has been the subject I have tutored the most extensively, and I love covering a vast range of topics with the different students I tutor. I see Maths Words not Squiggles as a fantastic opportunity to challenge myself and build experience teaching in a different environment. I love the atmosphere at the Waverley Centre and I love being able to teach students in both individual and small group lessons, because I feel like I can really help them in the one hour lessons to understand their current topics, clear up any misunderstandings or errors, and ultimately work towards i­­­mproving exam results.”

Marianna – Primary Teacher (Brookvale)

Marianna has a Bachelor of Social Science (Social Psychology) with a Masters of Teaching (Primary) from the University of Western Sydney. Marianna also has various qualifications in Singing and Music Theory. Marianna has been tutoring for several years and continues to teach at various primary schools around the Northern Beaches. Marianna has a constructivist view of teaching where students become the centre of their learning and teachers are the facilitators. Lessons are tailored to suit the student’s learning style to ensure that the student is learning at their fullest potential.   “I chose to teach because of the smiles and confidence that quality education gives a child. I love tutoring Maths and English at Maths Words not Squiggles because I can see first hand the positive effects it has on each student.”

Monica – Primary Teacher (Rosebery)

Monica has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Masters of Teaching (Primary) from Western Sydney University. She is currently teaching at various schools around Sydney and has been tutoring primary school students for several years. She strongly believes in student based learning where the student’s lead their learning and the teachers are there to guide the students and give them the tools they need to excel. This ensures that each lesson is perfectly catered to each individual child's needs and students can progress at their own pace.   "I enjoy working with children and love seeing them have their light-bulb moment, where they grasp a concept that they may have struggled with in the past. Maths Words not Squiggles offers a positive environment for students to work at their own pace, without the pressure of a timeline".

Neha – Primary Teacher (Rosebery)

Neha was born in Singapore and moved to Australia many years ago to pursue her Bachelor of Education at the University of Melbourne.  Since graduating in 2007, Neha has taught primary students at numerous schools throughout NSW and Victoria. Part of her experience is developing the curriculum for the Bachelor degree at Swinburne online. Neha teaches primary Maths and English at Maths Words not Squiggles. Neha is proficient and multi-lingual in English, Hindi and Punjabi. She absolutely enjoys education, being part of it and making learning fun.

Pinki – Primary Teacher (Rosebery & Waverley)

Pinki has a Masters in Sciences with Mathematics as well as a Bachelor in Education. She has over 7 years experience in teaching and tutoring in the Western Suburbs. Pinki has a pragmatic view of teaching where students are the main focus and their learning preferences are given priority and teachers are the facilitators. Lessons are designed to include practical approaches to make learning simple and fun so that students meet their learning goals.   “I chose teaching as a profession as it is my passion and I love to work with children. It is the most constructive way for me to contribute to society and it fills me with a sense of internal happiness when students whom I teach achieve their goals. I love tutoring Maths and English at Maths Words not Squiggles because I can see first hand the positive effects it has on each student.”

Rachel – Primary Teacher (Brookvale)

Rachel is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts/Education (Primary) and Psychology at Macquarie University. Rachel has over 5 years of high level, competitive children’s sports mentoring and coaching experience. She believes in the responsibility of providing a safe and positive environment for learning whilst assisting children to reach their potential. Rachel understands that reducing the stress around school and learning will improve education by catering to individual needs and learning styles. The rewarding nature of educating children is what drives Rachel to persevere and scaffold students’ learning.

Sarah – Primary Teacher (Brookvale)

Sarah-Louise Hopkins is a trained primary teacher with a Bachelor of Education. Sarah teaches both Maths and English and has always wanted to work with children as she finds teaching a rewarding career. Sarah has worked in and out of schools, however enjoys the nature of individual teaching. When she is not teaching, Sarah enjoys reading sci-fi, playing the guitar and baking.   “My favourite week is at the end of each term when students look back at all of the areas they have accomplished through their efforts. It’s not just rewarding for my students, but for me also.”

Stella – Secondary English Teacher (Rosebery & Waverley)

Trained as an English and EAL/D (English as an Additional Language and Dialect) teacher at University of New South Wales, Stella holds an accreditation to teach English in NSW public schools. She has over 4 years of teaching and tutoring experience with students ranging from primary school students to the mature aged. She is currently tutoring both primary and secondary school students at Maths Words not Squiggles. Stella holds a constructivist view of teaching where students are the centre of learning and teachers are the facilitators. She also advocates democratic discipline where students have a sense of belonging, freedom of choice, and understands consequences to manage their own behaviour. “I believe students learn best when they are actively involved in their learning and creating their own meaning around a subject either individually or socially as a group. Therefore, I favour a communicative, interactive, and student-centred learning environment where students can strive for their best and reach their full potential.”

Stephen – Secondary English Teacher (Brookvale)

Stephen has been teaching for over 30 years. He graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor/Diploma of Education majoring in English, History and Drama. Stephen has taught at a variety of schools, both in Australia and overseas and has been working in the Northern Beaches area since 2002. He has worked as acting Head Teacher of English and as a freelance writer where his work has been published in a variety of publications. His writing has included movie and theatre criticisms, celebrity interviews, travel articles and astrology columns. Stephen has also had extensive experience marking the HSC papers in both Standard and Advance English. He is passionate about his subject and knows what contributes an excellent response in English, especially for the HSC. He likes working with children and helping them to achieve their best.

Yiannis – Secondary Maths Teacher (Rosebery)

Yiannis has a Bachelor Science with a Major in Mathematics that was completed at the University of Patras. Yiannis has taught in public schools and tutoring centres overseas for 10 years and has been tutoring since 2004 in Sydney. Yiannis is interested and willing to implement new teaching strategies and methods that will benefit his students the most and help them to work to their full potential. His experience and knowledge in mathematics can be seen even from the first lesson.   “The most satisfying and rewarding moments in the teaching profession is definitely when I see students understanding a concept and then them being able to use it in other areas of Mathematics or science.”


A Working With Children Check is a requirement for people who work or volunteer in child related employment. It involves a national criminal history check and a review of findings of workplace misconduct.

All our staff at MWNS must have completed a “Working With Children Check” allowing them to work with children of all ages. A Working With Children Check is a prerequisite for child-related work in NSW. Anyone who works face-to-face with your child must have a valid Working With Children Check. It does not matter whether they are paid or unpaid, supervised or unsupervised.

This includes, but is not limited to:

Au pairs and nannies (except privately arranged babysitting)


Sports coaches

Music teachers

So you can rest assured that your child is in safe hands when they are with us.


MWNS is always on the lookout for inspiring teachers who are dedicated to making a difference in education. If you have a passion for teaching and would like to be part of our growing and dynamic team, we would love to hear from you.

Please send your resume to our Principal & Founder: sia@mwns.com.au